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Rawcovery: 1000 inspirational stories from people who’ve recovered their health through raw foods
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: May 26, 2008 12:44AM


As you may know people all over the world, from all different backgrounds, at all different ages and at all different stages of illness are transforming their health through living foods. Communities, leaders and markets all over the world are gearing up to support this change. A revolution is taking place. And your journey with raw foods can be a vital part of this change. An inspirational website is being created – 1000 stories from people who have transformed their health or lives through living foods. IF THIS IS YOU - WE WANT YOUR STORY!!

Your story can provide inspiration and hope for people searching for recovery or greater levels of wellbeing.

Your story can help to empower our communities to make a choice FOR health rather than degenerative disease.
Your story can be a part of turning the tide in creating communities that value and promote preventative health.
Your story can encourage, uplift, offer inspiration and transformation to other people’s lives.
Rawcovery will dramatically raise the awareness in the general community to the incredible healing powers of raw food nutrition

The Rawcovery site will be extensively linked to other websites including mainstream health websites, natural health sites, as well as sites that focus on raw food nutrition.

The Rawcovery site will be publicised in raw food leaders’ newsletters and health magazines and mainstream media.
The Rawcovery site will be visited by doctors, health practitioners, the media, community leaders and decision makers.
Rawcovery stories will be published on the site and sent to a large newsletter list.
Rawcovery will empower people regarding their choices about health
People exploring healing naturally will have access to important resources. Each story can be linked another website providing further information and a links page has been created that provides details of other useful websites and information sources. The Rawcovery stories themselves will open up new worlds for visitors to the site and who are still searching for their road to wellbeing.

Be a part of the revolution. Share your story, tell others and visit Rawcovery is a non-profit project designed to create extraordinary health for everyone.

To save precious volunteer hours, we are unable to enter into any correspondence regarding rawcovery on this forum. Please go to for further details and inspiration! And all e-mails will be handled from there.

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