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4th of July Weekend INTERdependence Live-Food and Consciousness Celebration
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: June 25, 2006 02:17PM

4th of July Weekend INTERdependence Live-Food & Consciousness Celebration!

4 Full Days, 4 Nights
Celebrate Your INTERdependence!

Levitation, Meditation & Transformation
The World's Best Workshop & Summer Gathering...
... just got even better!

- Event Website Link
- Description and Event Program Schedule
- Contact Information

* Levity & Ormus & More with David Wolfe - Latest Research!
* Spiritual Transformation with Gabriel Cousens - Experience it Live!
* NEW Superpower Juice & Smoothies bar, Cafe Chefs & Friends
* The Latest & Greatest Healing Recipes for TOL Cafe! YUM!
* NEW Spa Package Deal - Add ON! RELAX!
* Dance, Sing, Eat Live Organic Food, Transformational Movies
* Be with Like Minded Natural High Lifestyle Individuals! SMILE!
* NEW Fruit Tree Planting Foundation Service Project! COOL!

This is the place to be on July 4th where you will find the most powerful tools for the transformation of consciousness on the planet.

Lowest Cost, Greatest Transformation - $799, Double Room

This workshop IMMERSES and EMPOWERS you in the live-food lifestyle. It is where the Tree of Life pulls out all the stops! The energy is infectious! Like-minded people, spiritual wisdom, awesome food and nutritional knowledge...all set in the beautiful mountains of Patagonia, AZ.

The stunning combination of Gabriel Cousens M.D.,M.D.(H) and David Wolfe is pretty amazing in itself... NOW combine that with our experienced Garden Teacher (Alden) The Spiritual Live Food Instructors (Philip, Michela, Tim, Alynn and Joshua), Shanti Golds Cousens with Kali Ray Tri Yoga®, all living organic vegan food and what we have set up is a multi-layered transformational experience in the beautiful GREEN pure high desert mountains!

Gabriel Cousens's Biography and David Wolfe's Biography at []

Transform your life with yoga, food prep, 100% live vegan organic food, and spiritual programs!


The Alchemy of Ormus
Transform your life into the Levity of Nature

Potential Other Areas of Discussion & Questions
* Basic Raw-Food Nutrition:
* How to use Fruits, Roots, Shoots, Sprouts, Green-leafy Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds, Flowers, Sea Vegetables, Herbs, * Superfoods and Supplements in our daily program.
*Celebrity Nutrition: Raw-Food in Hollywood
* Raw Food, Alkalinity and Flexibility
* Physical Rejuvenation
* Minerals and Spiritual Nutrition: Introduction to Ormus
* Sensual Nutrition: Beauty Inside and Out
* Alchemical Nutrition
* Blend Your Way to Heaven
* The Truth about Chocolate
* Superfoods: Goji, Maca, Aloe Vera, Spirulina, Blue-Green Algae, Bee Products, Noni, Mangosteen, Medicinal Mushrooms, Chinese herbs and much more
* What we aren't told about omega 3 fatty acids
* The Physiology and Psychology of Peak Experiences

TOPICS With Gabriel Cousens M.D.,M.D.(H)

* The Essence of Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine
* Individualizing Your Rainbow Green Live Food Diet & Lifestyle
* Know your constitution
* Experience optimal diet according to ancient traditions & modern science.
* Deeper Aspects of Detoxification, Cleansing & Rebuilding
* Role of optimized nutrition and expanding life force on a spiritual path.
* Spiritual Nutrition - The 6 Foundations for Spiritual Life
* Creating a Lifestyle based on this foundations
* Become a superconductor of Grace and Light
* Expanding Life-Force/Prana with the live-food lifestyle

Daily Question & Answer Sessions

* Daily Q&A with Gabriel Cousens M.D.,M.D. (H) and David Wolfe
Receive deeply profound answers!

Daily Spiritual Transformation

with Gabriel Cousens
* Ecstatic, Mystical, Essene Shabbat with Shaktipat Initiation Session
* Havdallah Ceremony
* Meditation & Satsang
*Shaktipat Initiation Session
* Meditation & Satsang

Magic TOL Bonus Features

* Daily Yoga Session with Shanti Golds Cousens
* Chanting with the Simcha band
* Daily Food Prep Classes with the Cafe Instructors
* Garden Inspiration with Alden
* Wild Food Walks with Alden
* 100% Organic, Vegan Live-Food Meals at the famous Tree of Life Cafe

Additional NEW OUTRAGEOUS Features

* Super Power Smoothie & Juice Bar with Cafe Chefs & Friends (fees apply)
* Spa Package Deal + $199 allows
1 colonic, massage, oxy bounce & ozone
* Extra Night Stay - July 4th Night - 23% discount Deal - Only $120

The Schedule

Friday, June 30, 2006
2.00-3.00 Land Tour & Welcome*
3.00-4.00 Ancient Sacred Mikvah Ceremony & Opening
Welcome & Personal Introductions
5.00-6.00 Delicious Dinner
7:00–9.00 Shamanic Shabbat Ceremonial Celebration
Shaktipat/Smicha le’shefa Meditation

* Please be on time! Arrive early Friday & buy lunch, 10% off! Please Let us Know!

Saturday, July 1st, 2006

Kali Ray Tri Yoga (R) with Shanti Golds Cousens


Inspiring WOW Wild Food Walk with David & Alden


Beautiful Brunch


Live Food Preparation Session 1
with Tree of Life Café Instructors
2.00-2.30 Superfood Refreshment Bar - Open


Consciousness Transformation Session with Gabriel & David


Superfood Refreshment Bar - Open
5.30-6.30 Delightful Dinner


Havdallah Ceremony
Shaktipat/Smicha le’shefa Meditation

Labyrinth Transformation Dance
Drumming & Chanting Circle in the Labyrinth Circle

Sunday, July 2nd, 2006

Kali Ray Tri Yoga ® with Shanti Golds Cousens
8.00-9.00 Superfood Refreshment Bar - Open


Consciousness Transformation Session with Gabriel
Superfood Refreshment Bar - Open During Break


Bountiful Brunch


Live Food Preparation Session 2
with Tree of Life Café Instructors
2.30-3.00 Superfood Refreshment Bar - Open


Consciousness Question & Answer Session with Gabriel & David
Superfood Refreshment Bar - Open During Break
5.00-5.30 Superfood Refreshment Bar - Open


Yummy Dinner


Free Time


Sunset Fire Ceremony, Meditation & Satsang
Shaktipat/Smicha le’shefa Meditation
8.30-10.00 Culture of Liberation Film Series - Secret Awakening Topic

Monday, July, 3rd 2006

Kali Ray Tri Yoga ® with Shanti Golds Cousens




Consciousness Transformation Session with David


Live Food Lunch


Live Food Preparation Session 3
with Tree of Life Café Instructors
2.00-2.30 Superfood Refreshment Bar - Open


Consciousness Question & Answer Session with Gabriel & David
4.30-5.00 Superfood Refreshment Bar - Open




Free Time
7.30–8.30 Sunset Fire Ceremony, Homa
Shaktipat/Smicha le’shefa Meditation

Tuesday, July 4th 2006

Kali Ray Tri Yoga ® with Shanti Golds Cousens
8.00-9.00 Breakfast


Tree Planting with the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation
Pomegranates & wolfberries []
FREE Goji Lemonade - Refreshments Served at the Cafe




Superfood Refreshment Bar - Open


Final Transformation Session with Gabriel & David
with Gabriel & David
5.00-6.00 Superfood Refreshment Bar - Open

* Visit our shoppe to buy product to support your lifestyle all day and open late on Tuesday

Stay Extra Tuesday Night $155 ONLY $120 (23% Discount)
Includes Dinner & Breakfast

* Schedule Subject to Changes
** Room Check out by 1.00pm


“…wonderfully nourishing to my body and spirit. I feel a sense of vitality and aliveness in me that I didn’t feel before the retreat. The Divine in Gabriel and Shanti, the staff, the participants, and the land helped to spark the awareness of the Divine in myself that I had been hiding from. I am truly grateful for this experience.” Teresa Mabie

“The value of [the Arizona Live workshop] was exceptional. The “shakti-pat” was worth it alone. It was a rare opportunity indeed for this type of experience without having to go to India!” --Sharon R. Ince

“It was great. It was nice to be around ‘normal’ people. It was nice to feel normal…I liked how a community-type energy was supported.” Anna Krieg, Las Vegas, NV

Bonus Features

Daily Kali Ray Tri Yoga® & Pranayama (breathing)

with Shanti Golds Cousens(Shantis Bio)

Yoga on the Panoramic Mountain View Platform

Wild Food Education, and Foraging in Nature
with Alden Hough

Alden picking wild weeds in the Unity Garden!

Effective Microorganisms & Authentic Gardening for Peace

Lovely Live Organic Lettuce
Step into the cutting edge of Vegan Organic Sustainable Farming with Effective Microrganisms, Oceangrown, Worm Bins, Organic Compost, Consciousness and Loving Gratitude

Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine

Mineral, Enzyme, Water, Nutrient, Love Filled - Juicy Live Food
with Philip Madeley, Michela Tabaczuk, Tim Casey & Alynn Davis

Based on the classic book Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine we have three (3) Power Packed Live Food Presentations. In these demonstrations we aim to please with the latest delights of Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine... never before presented, for you with love at AZ Live!

Simple, Quick, Easy , Delicious Recipes that you can take back home!

The Food
We serve up two types of food during AZ Live!

Food for the Body
100% Organic, Vegan, Low Glycemic Love Filled Live-Food

Food for the Spirit
Daily Spiritual Support, Fresh Mountain Air, Like Minded People
Further Information

* Rates - See our all inclusive prices
* Guest Services - Comprehensive information on staying with us
* Accommodation- Where all our guests stay
* Calendar - The dates of all our events
* Experience - All programs include the full experience

Just Give a Call NOW to join us on a magical adventure that may change the course of your life forever.

Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center
866-394-2520 toll free

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