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Reminder SF LiFE Potluck this Sunday, March 1st
Posted by: cockatoo77777 ()
Date: February 23, 2009 05:49PM

Hi Folks,
The next SF LiFE potluck is Sunday, March 1 at 1:00 at 630 Valencia St
(at 17th St.).
The potluck takes place in the Community Room of the Mission Police
There have been a couple of changes in the fees for SF LiFE potluck:

There is NO CHARGE if you are an SF LiFE member and bring a raw vegan
potluck dish enough to serve 10-12. If you DO NOT bring a dish you will
need to PAY $8. (It used to be $5.)
If you are NOT an SF LiFE member you will NOW ONLY PAY $2 if you bring a
vegan potluck.(It used to be $3, so you are paying less.) If you DO NOT
bring a potluck you will PAY AN EXTRA $8 so your TOTAL WILL BE $10 if
you are a NON-MEMBER WITHOUT a potluck.
We want to encourage you to bring your own plate and utensils. For those
who would like to use the disposable plates and utensils that we supply
we ask that you contribute 50 cents. There will be a donation can next
to the disposable plates and utensils.

The focus of the March 1 potluck is "Getting Back to the Basics with
Living Foods"
by Robin Silberman. Robin will be giving a demo on Raw
Sauerkraut/Veggiekraut as created by Ann Wigmore. More and more people
are confused when turning to Living Foods as a source of vibrant health
and rebuilding. Learning the fundamentals from those who started it all,
clarifies what is
really important in a Living Foods Lifestyle program. It's not cookies,
pizza, or fudge! It's real food, which will feed you.
Raw Sauerkraut provides essential vitamins, digestive enzymes, and
important nutrients.
Come learn from someone who studied from Ann Wigmore herself.
You can purchase this sauerkraut after the demo, outside of the
building. You also will be able to purchase Robin's Living Foods
Haggadah L'Chaim To Life, in time for Passover in April.


If you want to come for the raw vegan potluck there is charge of $2
for non-members who bring a raw vegan potluck (serving at least 10-12)
and no charge for members who bring a raw vegan potluck. However, if
you do not bring a potluck to share, then you will need to pay an
additional $8 for the lunch whether you are a member of not.
*Please bring your own plate and utensils, or contribute 50 cents for
disposable plates and utensils. Try to prepare your potluck at home
instead of using the Community Room facilities. The Food prep space in
the Community Room is very limited and does not offer optimum food
safety conditions.
See you March 1.

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