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The Vitality Cleanse - An Online 10-day Raw Food Cleanse. Transformational!
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: April 07, 2009 01:58PM

Spring 2009 10-Day Vitality Cleanse

Experience your best health EVER!

It is once again time for The Vitality 10-day group cleanse! Spring is the time to shed the winter blahs and prepare
your body for warmer weather and a clearer mind.

If you've done it before, here's your chance to continue on your way to optimal health and have new experiences.
This cleanse will include a new element that will really boost not only energy levels but health and performance levels as well!

Here are the specifics:

What: a 10-day cleanse for vitality. Don't worry, you won't be starving
yourself. You'll be eating delicious, raw, fresh fruits and vegetables throughout this cleanse while detoxifying and purging yourself
of negative eating habits.

When: 3 Cleanse to choose from:

~Sunday April 19, 2009 through Wednesday April 29, 2009

~Sunday May 10, 2009 through Wednesday May 20, 2009

~Sunday June 14, 2009 through Wednesday June 24, 2009

Cost: $45 (not including the cost of food)

What this includes:
~An introductory tele-class to motivate and inspire you the first day of
the cleanse
~Multiple daily emails which include guidance, tips and
inspiration to keep you moving through your cleanse
~ An online community bulletin board where you can support
one another, share ideas and stories
~ Recommendations for lifestyle choices, products, books and articles
~ An abundance of recipes to keep you excited & inspired
~ Suggestions for holistic self-care that you can begin immediately

Read some testimonials below:

"I have the most energy I have had since before my children were born!
Aches and tightness I had lived with in my hips and joints vanished! I started the cleanse to jump start my weight loss goals as well as
realigning myself with healthy eating patterns. The cleanse proved to be the little "push" I needed. Stanzi provided the right amount of
support with her endless knowledge and insight into cleansing. The results have been so profound for me that I never "officially stopped"
the cleanse. Rather, I've incorporated more fresh foods into my lifestyle and my body is reaping the benefits!"
-Marla Teyolia, MSW, Founder of Empowered Mama

"Thank you so much for this opportunity! I had fallen into a pattern of
vaguely healthy, highly processed convenience foods. I really took the
time during the cleanse to understand that I need to find convenient ways
to incorporate whole, fresh foods into my diet in larger quantities.
I can not say enough Thank yous! Thankyou! Thank you! Thank you!"
-Andee B.

"Your 10-day cleanse really gave me a boost into overcoming some
cravings I had. I was surprised that my intense cravings for a
4:00 soothing chai latte seemed to melt away. I found myself making
it through the afternoon and enjoying dinners much more.Thank you
so much for all your information and supportive emails."
-Alice C.

"I tried a few cleanse programs with very little success; but this one
I found to be easy to follow and enjoyable. I have incorporated this
cleanse with my daily exercise, and I have seen a great weight loss.
Thank you! I will do it again next month!"
-Linda T.

"First I want to say this has been a great experience for me. I think
you have a terrific program and anticipated what I needed every
step of the way. I ate and continue to eat a lot more raw fruits and
vegetables and felt much better than I have in a long time. I
really felt motivated by your daily emails. Thank you so much for
this experience. I hope to do future cleanses with you!"
-Kat O.

"Stanzi has really changed my life for the better. I thought I was
already eating really well. She guided me through a 10 day cleanse
so beautifully. Everyday I looked forward to reading her inspiring words
and ideas. I absolutely started to feel better in my body after 2 days.
Then there was no stopping me! By the end of the cleanse, things had
become so clear to me that I knew I would now incorporate this new
way of eating into my lifestyle. And I have. So a huge thank you to
Stanzi for all of her effort and time she put into this. It really feels good!"

"Today is the last day of my cleanse! I am so grateful for you. This has
been quite a journey for me. I have found many new awarenesses
about myself. I can't believe how many times I would go to eat
something for no other reason than habit!"
-Jeanne C.

"My body was feeling sluggish and uncomfortable. I had heard about
cleanses without really knowing what that meant, or how to go about
finding one. It was then that I heard Stanzi was offering guidance and
support to do one, and WOW! With Stanzi's thoughtful e-mails and
easy recipes, I became aware of how I had been mindlessly feeding
myself and how it impacted my body and mood. My senses of smell
and taste awakened, as did my pleasure in preparing food for myself
and family. Thank you Stanzi!"
-Sophia J.

"What a challenging and rewarding experience. I was amazed how a
few days out of my food "comfort" zone could really affect me, and
I struggled with the demons of my dietary habits. But, after a week
of the cleanse, I felt healthier, happier and more at peace with the
world than I had in years. I could not have done it without Stanzi's
consistent and compassionate guidance."
-Rob F.

"Doing the cleanse was a great way to get my body in shape
for upcoming stresses. I was able to stick with the cleanse because of all of the really useful and encouraging information that was
offered by Stanzi. From the daily emails which contained great recipes and motivational information, to knowing that I could contact
her at anytime, it gave me the extra "boost" to keep it up. The cleanse brought me back in touch with
good eating habits that had fallen by the wayside. I am so happy
to have had this experience and look forward to more."
-Kathryn C.

"If you're interested in changing your eating habits - or revitalizing
your physical, mental and spiritual self - I highly recommend
Stanzi's cleanses. The experience was transformative. I have a
history of compulsive and emotional eating. The cleanse imposed
a discipline on myself I didn't know I had, and it allowed me to clear
both my body and mind. I have truly never felt so good. Stanzi's
daily emails offered me support, enthusiasm, and delicious recipes.
The results are undeniable."
-Jana W.


Payment is quick and easy through PayPal (even if you don't
have an account with them):

I want to motivate you to be the best, most passionate
person you can be.

Feel open, inspired and full of vitality.

Stanzi Allan Pouthier
Holistic Health Counselor, AADP
Raw Foods Chef

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