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Full Moon & Live-Food Potluck Celebration
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: May 28, 2009 03:15PM

Full Moon Celebrations & Live-Food Potlucks

What is a Full-Moon Celebration?

Every month, thousands of people around the world gather together to honor and give thanks to the cycles of the moon. Traditionally Full Moon Celebrations have been a time for community to come together and share. Alll cultures of the past have, in some way, celebrated the seasonal aspects of the moon, from the planting moon to the harvest moon.

The Full Moon is a time of increased energy onto the planet. It is often called - moments of opportunity, when the alignment of all the planetary and solar centers are in their highest state of sensitivity and contact. It is an opportunity to re-charge our spirits, contact our lost vision or connect with a new and greater vision, dissolve resistance, and set our steps right on the path of evolution and service.

Our desire is to use this ‘energy charged’ time of the month to empower and nurture ourselves, to meditate and reflect, build community and celebrate Life together.

This year we are adding a ‘Pot Luck’ dinner, (vegan live-food style) to the format of the evening. A time to share with old and new friends. Once fed and nurtured, we invite everyone to participate in a meditation/attunement for world peace. We may not be able to directly affect the troubled places in the world, but through group meditation we can add our intentions and commitment for peace to the global energy field.

Some celebrations will include drumming or dance, sonic sound circles, inspirational literature, etc. Each one is unique according to the seasons, and, of course the weather.

Come celebrate with us, bring your favorite live-food dish. If you are having trouble coming up with something bring a salad – always welcomed – or fruit, or check out the recipes on our website, click here>
What happens during a Full-Moon Celebration?

6:30pm. - Words of welcome and sharing of names.

6:45 - A Vegan Live-Food potluck will begin at 6:30pm. Live-food recipes click here>

7:45 - World Peace Meditation, and an inspirational reading. The Meditations may be in the form of drumming, dancing, sounding, and/or silence. If you have a poem or song you would like to share please bring it along.

8:45 - The Full Moon Peace Pledge on how we choose to walk more peacefully upon this Earth for the next 28 days.

9:00 - Group Sharing

9:30 - 10pm. - Closing Circle

Donations are welcomed.

The Living Centre
5871 Bells Rd

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