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anyone been?
Posted by: lawofattraction ()
Date: June 17, 2009 01:48AM

anyone been to one of the now many raw festivals that sprout up year to year? what was your experience? i imagine being in the midst of like minded people id feel id left earth for an ideal planet.just one of my dreams to go to these events.

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Re: anyone been?
Posted by: paragon1685 ()
Date: June 23, 2009 05:33PM

It seems like every Raw event is different, and
that a lot depends on the location, the cost of
the event, and the nearby ammenities. These seem
to affect what type of people attend.

The latest Raw Spirit festival was a big disappointment
for me. Mostly because I was coming from the Midwest and
getting to Santa Barbara involved flying to Phoenix to
pick up my car and then driving to the coast. The cost
of this was high as it was, and then you throw in the
cost of attending the festival and it became quite the

Then when I got there I felt out of place because the
crowd consisted of mostly what I called the HBG crowd
(i.e., Hippies, Beatniks, and Gypsies.) It was
then that I realized just how much closer I am to the
mainstream than I realized... Now I like camping out
just as much as the next guy, but most attendees at
this event camp out as a way of life. Not that there's
anything wrong with that, as the people attending were
(as always) super nice, but I didn't really have much
in comnon with most attendees. (Unlike a lot of the
other Raw festivals I've been to.)

And the advertised speakers were few to be found without
explanation. (Maybe because they knew there wouldn't be
that many attendees?)

So these events are hit and miss, depending on your own
preferences and ideals.

See pics at:


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Re: anyone been?
Posted by: lawofattraction ()
Date: June 24, 2009 12:36AM

hey thanks for posting!

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Re: anyone been?
Posted by: RaeVynn ()
Date: September 02, 2009 04:03PM

I attended the Raw & Living Spirit Retreat in Mollala, OR, this past weekend.
I thought it was great.
One of the speakers was Dr. Graham, and I sat through all of his workshops, and learned alot.
The food was also pretty darned good. smiling smiley

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much
We are all in this together!

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