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Raw Spirit Festival Sept 24-26 2010
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: August 09, 2010 12:40AM

Raw Spirit Festival is almost here! Don’t miss this full three day event feature two big stages, a great mix of music and speakers amidst the beautiful natural landscape of the Watson Lake Park. Additionally, the festival features a Sacred Exercise Area that brings an array of guided classes including; yoga, tai chi, meditation, poetry, pranayama, and more.

Hungry? Our Raw Vegan Demos and Tasting activities are continuously happening along with enjoyable acoustic jam areas, massage and healing all located atop a lakeside hill that is simply breathtaking. There are many kid’s programs and vendors to shop from so bring the family because you don’t want to miss a rejuvenating experience.

Going Raw!

Why Emphasize Raw Vegan Organic? One of the mission-visions of the Raw Spirit Festival as a non-profit organization, is to encourage folks to incorporate a greater percentage of fresh organic vegetables and fruits into our every day diets.

The Results Are Astounding!

A few of the commonly reported results of adopting a primarily organic raw vegan diet include: increased energy, joy, endurance, contentment, mental clarity, homeostasis, and strength. Thousands have reported overcoming obesity, diabetes, cancer, pharmaceutical addictions, hypertension, arthritis, pneumonia, bronchitis, colds, flues, eczema, asthma, But don't believe us. Just Try it!

Specific Event Details:

- Raw Spirit Festival 2010

o Raw Spirit Festival 2010 is the 6th Annual event of Raw Spirit International a 501c3 non-profit organization focused on encouraging eco-sustainable education and nutrition education. Our Festivals encourages learning the entertaining activities such as; music, speakers, shopping, arts, and more.

- Accommodations –

o Hotel and Travel information is available at:

o Camping on site is available at a rate of $30 for three nights. This must be purchased prior to the event.

o Informational booths and over 100 volunteers are available for assistance

o Medical assistance will be available on site for emergencies

- Where is the Festival being held at?

o Just four miles north outside of Prescott, Arizona, Watson Lake Park is open to the public and is known for its beautiful lake as well as the famous Granite Dells boulders. Watson Lake Park has many amenities including; boating, camping, picnic tables, playgrounds, hiking trails, and convenient restrooms and showers. The Park is located at 3101 Watson Lake Road, Prescott, Arizona. []

- Travel & Stay

o For folks who are flying into Arizona for the Festival, Sky Harbor International Airport is the closest airport available for travel. It is located in Phoenix, Arizona just south of Prescott.

- Ticket Prices

o Tickets are going fast and we have a limit on tickets for sale. Act quickly as prices may increase the closer we get to the event. You can save NOW today by purchasing tickets online through this webpage.

o Tickets include; admittance to the event and park grounds (single all day pass or full three day pass), admittance to all stage presenters & performers, group workshops, vendors, activities, raw food tasting and demonstrations by chefs, message, yoga, meals, and more…

o Tickets are $49 a person for a one day pass and $120 for three days.

o Three day pass plus camping is available for $150


- Activities, Performers, Speakers

o []

- Notices

o Raw Spirit Festival is being held on September 24-26 at Watson Lake Park four miles north of Prescott, Arizona.

o This is a Rain/Shine event.

o No pets are permitted.

o Children areas are available.

o Camping is a $30 for three nights are must be paid for prior to the event start date.

o Informational booths, health services, and customer service is available at the event.

- Press & Feedback

o Great “play-by-play” review by Steve Pavlina from the 2009 Raw Spirit Festival in Sedona, Arizona. [] “I would definitely attend the Raw Spirit Festival again. I went there to learn, to connect with people, and to have a growth experience, and I most certainly experienced all of that.”

o From NatualNews from the 2007 Raw Spirit Festival - [] “The festival brings together thousands of participants, over a hundred raw foods vendors and dozens of top-notch speakers, authors and artists who have so far delivered an unforgettable experience in raw living foods and high-vibration living.”

o Exciting video by LovingRaw from the past Raw Spirit Festival []

- Before and After the Event

o Prescott offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities readily available every day. The best thing about Prescott is the climate. There isn’t a day that is to hot and spurts of sunshine mix with cloud cover through the day. Hiking, shopping, and dining are available and hotel accommodations make traveling around easy to do.

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