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My FREE Teleseminar: Global! Is this Tuesday March 8 about Raw Food Benefits, INFO...
Posted by: rawbryan ()
Date: March 04, 2011 11:42PM

Hi Eco Raw Chef Bryan Au here! yawning smiley)

I have been eating, enjoying, promoting Raw Organic Cuisine, Snacks and Desserts for more than 20+ years, I have seen it all, benefits, mistakes, miracles, transformations, healings, my vision improved to the point where I passed the DMV Eye Exam 3 years in a row and have proof on my driver's license! I have best selling raw recipe books and about to open a new amazing Raw Restaurant in Los Angeles.

Ok about my FREE Teleseminar this Tuesday March 8 at 8pm New York Time and 5pm Los Angeles, CA time you can register for free but must be able to call into the (212) area code but there is a FREE WAY to listen in and participate too without having to register and without having to call! You can simply click this link and listen on your COMPUTER FOR FREE:

589 people so far registered for free at:


If you Register for FREE then you get instant access to other FREE Speakers & FREE Teleseminar Programs.

OR you can listen FOR FREE ONLINE anywhere around the World without having to register:


Please share the above with friends and family! I will talk for 1 hour about the benefits of Raw Organic Food, Snacks and Desserts, how to to do it correctly, some free recipes, what to look for and what to avoid in a raw chef, recipe or book, info about my new Raw Restaurant and much more. More than 20+ years of my experience, information and insight! I can also answer questions LIVE through e-mail and Facebook so people can e-mail or ask questions live and I will answer them LIVE during the Teleseminar or later afterwards too. My new ECO CHEF BRYAN AU RAW STAR Recipes: Organic Meals, Snacks & Desserts In 10 Minutes is a new gorgeous 208 Pages Full Color Glossy recipe book published by Fast Pencil Premiere one of the best and top publishers in the World with all NYC TIMES Bestselling Authors. Next week my book will finally be available Worldwide on, Borders Bookstore, Barnes and Noble, Whole Foods Market, everywhere books are sold and among all top Book Distributors as well. But the cover price will be $25 or $27 with tax/shipping/handling. But on my main website it is only $15 + $5 for tax/shipping and handing so is only $20 TOTAL. But comes with my Autograph and fun message from me to you!


Hug someone you love today, tell people that you love and that matter to you how much you appreciate them and love them too, enjoy your life, do some Yoga, get some excercise, be happy, be kind, be thankful and grateful for all the goodness in your life and in the World. Appreciate how special, wonderful and lucky you truly are. Be thankful for all the gifts and good things in your life and all around you. You will attract more of this and enjoy Raw Organic healthy food, I LOVE YOU ALL FOREVER! yawning smiley)

Eco Chef Bryan Au

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