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Vegans and Raw Chef Intensive Program
Posted by: chefskai ()
Date: February 03, 2012 11:44AM

Vegan and Raw Chef Certification Program
August 8 - 21
Learn how to create Peace in the Kitchen as Chef Skai guides you with this 14 day Intensive Culinary Vegan Chef Program. Fly down to luscious Puerto Rico and learn hands-on how to make healthy food with FLAVA! Chef Skai is a self-taught and fascinating teacher. Chef Skai created and opened the Yabba Pot Café in Baltimore, MD over 9 years ago and saw the yearning need to educate people on how to make healthier choices for their families. Her focus is to dismiss the notion that preparing vegan meals requires the eater to change their concept of flavors. Most non-vegetarians have said to her that if they could eat the way she prepared every day, they too would become a vegetarian. That is what a good chef wants to hear.

From a purely economic standpoint, there just happens to be more non-vegetarians in the world then otherwise. Wouldn’t it be smart to cater to all…not just the 1% vegetarian population? Chef Skai agrees that preparing food for a wider audience who understands the benefits of eating non-meat is good for business…and that would be one of the lessons she shares in her program. Educating participants in this course is yet another way to ensure the health of the world. The more Vegan and Raw food Chefs are out there in the world, the better this world will be. People, places, and the animals benefit from incorporating a vegan lifestyle into your environment. The goal of this program is to create an intensive program where chefs can get the information they need to start creating right away.

Many programs are very similar in quality but the reality is that many people do not have the time to take 6 weeks or even 3 months away from their regular routine. Chef Skai offers an intensive course where the chefs-in-training will be working hands on in the kitchen immediately as they arrive and will finish with their program as they are getting ready to leave. This hands-on education allows the participant to get it in. The lecture will be during the preparation of the dishes. Various techniques will be shared, ideas explored and international flavors realized. Join us on this fantastic exploration of wholesome cuisine. There will also some time to go to the beach, rainforest, and a lil bit of salsa dancing!!

Focusing on Vegan cooked as well as Raw food dishes your training vacation will include:
• Hands-On Training and Demonstrations
• Vegan Nutrition
• Farm Tours and Local Fruit Picking
• Vegan and Raw food Recipes
• Basic Knife Skills
• Sprouting
• Fermentation
• Dehydration
• Sauces and Dressings
• Cooked vs Raw
• Food Combining
• Double Occupancy Accommodations
And more!

Your Investment: $2999

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