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Pro Hard Core 10 day Juice Feast (starts) June 14
Posted by: RaysofLight ()
Date: May 26, 2012 07:13PM

Stopping by with an invitation, please, join us:
We'd love to have you!

We begin preparing June 14 and we actually start the Juice Feast June 21...we need the transition time in order to be most successful! grinning smiley

Some of our last Juices Feast results: "19 pounds lost", "16 pounds lost", "14 pounds lost","12 pounds lost", "Healthy Normal Blood Pressure"-high blood pressure gone, "Achy Feeling in Body went away", "Clearer Thoughts", "Increased Energy", "Better Focus", "Best Sleep Ever", "Increased Positiveness", "Clearer Skin", "Glowing"-So Many People were told they looked younger and great! What a HUGE accomplishment in just 10 Days! grinning smiley

The MOST AFFORDABLE Juice Feast in the Country! You could never eat all this food, but you can gain all the nutrients from the juice! There are a about 1/2 a dozen things we focus on that work in synergy for *ultimate* healing, weight loss and nourishment! Pro Hard Core Green Juice 10 Day Feast! June 2012
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Balancing Mind, Body and Spirit with Love, Light and Health,
Kelly Vaccarelli

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