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The Zero Point Process for liberation at Live-Food Retreat Center
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: May 09, 2006 01:12AM

"The Personality is a Case of Mistaken Identity"

To know freedom and bliss, Gabriel Cousens facilitates our experience of the Zero Point Process.

The Zero Point Process also just so happens to help us get out of the way of our soul's highest expression in terms of health choices, relationship awareness, and life purpose.

The Zero Point Process Intensive - including testimonials!

At the Live-Food Eco-Spiritual Retreat Center, the Tree of Life
Patagonia, AZ
May 14-18

One more perk of this Zero Point Process Intensive is that it leads up to the May 19 launch of Gabriel's new huge radio show, "Creating Peace by Being Peace" on The show will reach many thousands who have never heard the message before about the role of peace with the body and mind in creating peace with the family, the community, all cultures, the planet, and the Divine. The energy of this Zero Point Process Intensive will help catapult the consciousness of Creating Peace by Being Peace onto the global broadcast.

Optional reading - Thoughts on the Zero Point Process


Wouldn't it be nice to see how your attempts to enhance your sense of self by attaching to things, concepts, and emotional stances have deluded you away from the joy of being? Are you ready to feel energy of liberation that comes from seeing how all efforts at self-enhancement only make us need more and more? The ego, which is all attachments to time, space, and being, constantly needs you to believe that you are it. In Zero Point, Dr. Cousens assists us to know that the only real "I" is immortal oneness, and teaches us a tool to dissolve the beliefs, thoughtforms, labels, self-images, and delusions that allow the ego to keep us in addictions, unhealthy relationships, psycho-somatic disorders, and adharmic expression. The Zero Point Process Intensive empowers us to be lived by the non-causal cause Love, Liberation, and Truth of Who We Are in any situation, in each moment.

The Zero Point Process is emerging as a way to participate in a rushing surge of global peace on the living Earth. The source of authentic peace is a mass awakening to knowing who we are prior to self-consciousness, possessions, and any need to be right--as one living biofield. It is the Zero Point Process that is a key to peace work - for peace with the self, peace in the family, peace in all cultures, peace work in the Middle East, and all action for peace on our living globe.

Leave everything but your truth and bliss here! Experience the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center devoted to the Six Foundations for Spiritual Life: Powerful healing live food and juice; purification and expansion of the prana life force; ample opportunity for service and karma-burning; inspiration through spiritual community, nature, and timeless eternal teachings; profound silence; and Shaktipat initiation, the awakening of Kundalini.

A deeper description of the Zero Point Process Intensive Workshop, from the big picture to the details of our accommodations, are at our AGAIN newly designed website!

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"The personality is a case of mistaken identity."

Light to all the roots, branches, buds, and flowers of the Tree of Life!

Michael Bedar

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