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Outdoor raw vegan potluck Tuesday June 6th, Palo Alto, CA.
Posted by: sodoffsocks ()
Date: June 01, 2006 06:55PM


the last pot luck in the park was lots of fun. Nine adults and
2 childern attended and the food was great. Lets do it again!

So, raw vegan potluck Tuesday June 6th in Greer Park, Palo Alto. This
will start around 5:30pm and go until people go home or sunset.

You should bring the follow:
- a raw vegan dish (main course and/or desert, etc.) and all required
serving plate/utensiles for that dish.

- plate/bowl/knife/fork/spoon/chopsticks/cut/etc to eat with.

- something to drink (i.e. water, or maybe something to share).

- a blanket (or chair) to sit on.

Greer Park has a picnic area with seats and tables, but best bring
something to sit on like a camp chair since space was a little
limited last time. I'm not sure how many people will show up,
maybe plan on your dish serving around 8 people.

Sounds good? Let me know if you can make it, or if you've got any
ideas for where to hold it. Feel free to email if you've got any

So let's meet at the picnic area at Greer Park. Directions to get
to Greer Park in Palo Alto from 101:
Take the OREGON EXPWY exit - go 0.6 mi
Turn left on W BAYSHORE RD - go 0.4 mi
Turn right on AMARILLO AVE - go 0.1 mi

The address for those printing maps is, 1098 Amarillo Ave. at West
Bayshore Road, Palo Alto.

Give that many of the people attending are coming from the south
(I think I'm the only person coming from the north), so moving to
a park farther south makes sense. But, I've not had a chance to
find a suitable park, so let stick with Greer for the next one.
If anybody can suggest another park, please let me know (maybe
around Mountain View?).

YAY, I'm looking forward to sharing more food with you people!

Take care,

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