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Raw in Eugene, OR?
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: May 31, 2009 07:19AM

Hi! I am hoping to meet folks in my area who eat raw for the exchange of recipes and community! I eat about 85% raw and am slowly transitioning to 100%. I've found the process to be difficult without having anyone to talk to about this lifestyle/diet choice. Anyone know of any meetups?



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Re: Raw in Eugene, OR?
Posted by: scottiethomas ()
Date: June 01, 2009 01:14AM

Hi Kaya!

Though I am currently in Louisiana, Eugene or Portland is where i would like to "settle," if i am ever capable of doing so =)

though i can not be there in person, i just want to send you positive vibrations and encoragment. i too am transitioning from about 80% to 100%. it really helps that i am working in an organic local food store, that i have found a champion juicer in storage from 1990 and a friend in nutritional science who has experience eating raw and knows a great deal about raw food preparation.

i can genuinely say "ask and ye shall receive." if this is your path, the universe will provide you the support you need, just continue to ask and persevere, even when there is no one to talk to. perhaps that is part of the challenge ahead of you. continue to ask!

lots of love girl

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Re: Raw in Eugene, OR?
Posted by: michpdx ()
Date: August 08, 2009 03:39PM


I am in Portland. I eat mostly raw, but am not vegan. I am being patient with transitioning my diet and weaning myself from other food, so that I can make a change that will last a lifetime instead of being trendy.

I don't know of any support groups yet, but haven't searched much.


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