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Greatings from Rio de janeiro-Brasil!!!
Posted by: Thiaggo ()
Date: December 14, 2009 10:13PM

Hello,i am new at this forum and i am really enjoying be here!!!
its great to know raw living food is growing all over the world mostly by person-to-person propaganda!!!! its a real silent revolution!!!!
Here on Brasil we have two great living foodsupport grups, since 1996/97 going on!!!
One is a desingn teacher wich has starded eating living food as a work of art and study of the `biochip`(the seeds) informattion request(by sprouting)!
Really great way of eating!
And the other one, wich i am part of, it is calleed Terrapia (as a joke with terapia-terapy) locaded on a public medicine resarch of tecnology,we study how to make the people rules its own tools for health with the use of living foods for health and environmental promotion!!

I looking forward to all 'rawcultural' exchange! andd eeveen ffind somee job vacancy abroad to improvee my english inside this world wide moviment!!
My live has sprouted with living food!!!

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Re: Greatings from Rio de janeiro-Brasil!!!
Posted by: loeve ()
Date: December 15, 2009 07:02PM

Hi Thiaggo,

Welcome to the board. That's so interesting how living food is practiced in Brazil. So there is one group that started living food as art, and another using living food as "earth" therapy for health. Did I get that right? This website discusses various viewpoints and so I look forward to learning more.

It is soon to be winter in the northern hemisphere and cold where I live. My diet is largely greens, carrots, coconuts, peanuts, sprouts and fruit. I love raw yam soup.

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Re: Greatings from Rio de janeiro-Brasil!!!
Posted by: Thiaggo ()
Date: December 24, 2009 10:47PM

Yeah! thats right! the first one is connected with art information on food and the other, the earth conexion to healh promotion. Its to differents grups and is so great to have a rich scene going on here!
If you wanna to come to the south i can mail you some tips! be wellcome!! we have greens,peanuts, coconuts , yam and carrots all over the year!
unfortunaly a lot of usual agroculture stills but many organics comming to the town!
raw yam soup rules!hehe

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