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Posted by: stellium ()
Date: April 30, 2010 04:57AM

HI......... anyone else here living in Los Angeles? I'm sure it's one of the easier cities to live in as vegan/raw. I've been here almost a year. There are four grocery stores near me where I get produce (MISC non-chain grocers). I also go to Whole Foods sometimes, as well as Trader Joes (not so much anymore, too much packaged foods). I used to got to NatureMart Bulk bin but it's always crowded, dirty etc.

ANYHOW.... any tips on where to get supplies and produce? Or other raw STAPLES. Deals! I don't care about restaurant recommendations... I'm super poor and on foodstamps! Plus eating out kind of bums me out. Despite lack of a job etc. I am trying to live as healthy as possible. I haven't even been to the farmers markets
Though I know I should put some money aside and go to them at some point.

ANYWAY, aside from that... any places I should check out? I live in Central LA and spend a lot of time near downtown, MidWilshire, Hollywood, and whatever the area La Brea/3rd/Fairfax where Erewhon also is.

So I suppose...... here's a LOS ANGELES oriented thread.

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