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Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: September 28, 2010 12:52AM

Hi! I am a former raw person. I was raw in 2002 until mid 2006. When I met my husband everything went south. I am not blaming him. On our first date, we went to Subway because I knew I could eat a salad there. He knew I was vegan,and said "We'll have to change that." jokingly of course.

So, here I am after 4 years of marriage. I have been eating cooked/processed foods and decided today that it's over. I am going to be raw again,and this time I am going to take it slowly and eat very small portions. I have tried so hard to go back to being raw several times,within the past four years,and my main problem was trying to do it all at once,with no allowing my body to adjust to the change. The first time I went raw it was so easy. So I didn't think it would be hard to go back,after eating SAD again.

The total of what I have had today is:

3 cups of coffee/w milk and sugar

1 gala apple this am

1 cup Yoplait this evening and another gala apple

I feel very energized today,despite what little I've consumed. I got up this morning making the same stupid groaning noises I usually make. My husband sometimes tells me I sound as if I am dying. Well maybe I was,and as of today no more.

I spent most of the day gathering together necessities,like coconuts,figs,cherimoyas,almonds,Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar...the list goes on, so I can be prepared to change my ways.

I am not surprised at how little I have eaten,nor how energized I feel. I am just happy I have made the decision to go back to being raw again.

I am not sure I can recall my old username,and since it is linked with a defunct email address,there's no way for me to retrieve my former forum identity.

Happy to be back,and hoping to make raw friends anew!

Thanks for reading.

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