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Hi I am Raw Chef Bryan my story!
Posted by: rawbryan ()
Date: December 06, 2010 11:05PM

Hi I am Raw Chef Bryan Au and I have an incredible edible story to share with you! I was one of the first in the beginning to help make Raw popular and mainstream I got into it in 1998 when I first encountered RAW while volunteering around the world as a vegetarian chef at different Yoga Centers. It was my way of adding more health and harmony to our world while also getting to learn amazing vegetarian recipes and being able to do Yoga everyday. I thought it was how the rest of my life was going to be.

But after I encountered Raw foods my whole world got RAWCKED! Soon I would discover that it would become my path and what I was supposed to promote to the world. At first I thought it was so new, fun and interesting. I had no idea a whole new way of eating, feeling and culture like this had even existed I loved it and wanted to learn more. But the funny thing was after this many raw foodists, books and chefs all spontaneously entered into my life and without me trying or trying to make it happen! Incredible stories of miraculous healings, transformations and so much more just kept entering into my life. Upon returning to the USA my new college girlfriend in 1998 happened to be really into raw food too! I just went with the flow and discovered I was really good at inventing totally new raw food recipes and I even ran my own raw food delivery catering business this is how I came up with my recipes and self published my popular best selling Raw In Ten Minutes recipe book in 2005. All my clients and even their kids loved my raw food and recipes so much that they kept asking for my secret recipes. At first I didn't want to give it to them because they were my secrets but they were so demanding and aggressive I finally actually gave in and self published my book because I wanted to make sure I got credit and copyrighted the recipes even though anyone and everyone may use and enjoy them!

In 2005 when I finally finished self publishing, writing, designing the cover, which took me 6 months to do. I was actually going to move to Hawaii to live on the beach, eat coconuts, mangoes, camp on the beach and surf my life away! That was my total plan. But after the book came out so many people loved it and so many things happened that I decided I would promote RAW and make it mainstream as it deserved to be. At the time Atkins Diet was very popular and I kept seeing it everywhere and it bothered me a lot that RAW did not share the same status or was as popular so I vowed at that time in 2005 that I would do all I could to make RAW #1, Mainstream and so that everyone can benefit and enjoy it as much as we all did. Then at the same time more Raw Chefs and books came out and many things have happened since. Raw is now on tv, in magazines, I have a Eco Chef App for the iPhone, my new Eco Chef Bryan Au Raw Star Recipes 200 page full color book by a Major Publisher is about to become available everywhere and it will be so amazing!

So for me Raw was a great adventure, but I want people to know that the #1 reason why I promote it so much is because it is actually my healing loving spiritual path. For me it became that and so many things happened to me that verified that it is what I am supposed to do and promote. I really love Raw and enjoy it and people do too so I know I am on the right path! Before I was just traveling and wandering around trying to figure out my life while adding more health and harmony to our world but now I am very focused and determined but most of all I am having so much fun and loving how I get to connect with and meet incredible people and make new friends. That is the best part for me. So if you want to e-mail me or meet me at any of my events, classes, lectures please let me know!

My main website is []

And I hope you can join in my adventure!

Much Raw Love and Hugs forever and RAWays,
Eco Chef Bryan Au

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Re: Hi I am Raw Chef Bryan my story!
Posted by: Jgunn ()
Date: January 08, 2011 08:07AM

great story ! smiling smiley

...Jodi, the banana eating buddhist

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Re: Hi I am Raw Chef Bryan my story!
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: March 08, 2011 12:59AM

Hi Bryann! I am new to raw foodism and currently going to school to be a registered dietician. Once I get my degree, I plan on getting a masters in holistic nutrition or something of the sort.

Have a great day,


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Re: Hi I am Raw Chef Bryan my story!
Posted by: Dita ()
Date: July 07, 2011 05:25PM

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for sharing your story! I'm pretty new to raw (4.5 months) but I love it and I always promoted a healthier diet/lifestyle (I was a vegan macrobiotic for 11 years before starting RAW). I share your views and I'm glad you never gave up on your endeavors! I'm trying to educate people too and created a site where I post recipes and nutritional info:


I'm very excited about my new path as well and I love looking at new websites. Thanks for sharing your story and page!


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