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Nova Scotia, Canada
Posted by: Dobhareach ()
Date: April 27, 2011 07:48PM

Hi all,

I live in Nova Scotia, Canada and have been trying to adopt the RAW food way of eating for 6 weeks now. I'm stumbling through it, learning as I go.

I was diagnosed as a Type II diabetic in Sept '09, and the doc has been prescribing me medication. Every time I go see him he increased the dosage. I did alter my diet trying to get my sugars down, but nothing seemed to work. A few months back the doc told me that if my sugars hasn't sorted themselves out by June that I'd have to use insulin.

That spurred me into looking for some solution. The doc didn't seem to suggest anything, and was leaving it up to me to sort out. I stumbled across references of this 'Raw Food Diet' online and I was intrigued. There was a documentary, which I tracked down, called Simply Raw. How diabetics went 30 days eating raw foods and potentially went off their meds.

The doc is happy I'm going Vegan (he was bouncing in his chair clapping his hands and grinning like a fool), and has high hopes that this will sort my sugars out.

I was a vegetarian before, and to go vegetarian again feels wonderful and comforting. I thought going Vegan would be tough, but it's not. What I'm stunned by is just how much of my 'normal' diet was processed.

I'm currently reading Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, trying to learn how to ensure I'm getting all my nutritional requirements. A friend who is a vegetarian suggested the book and since it's all I have, I'm going with it.

I just wanted to say hi, introduce myself. Hopefully through the forum I'll learn some tips and tricks, and meet some people who understand (or can empathize) what is it like to eat this way.

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Re: Nova Scotia, Canada
Posted by: Trive ()
Date: May 02, 2011 12:05AM

Welcome, Dobhareach!

It sounds like it has been going well for you so far. That's great!

I look forward to reading more from you. When people write in their questions, successes and etc., that's what keeps this forum lively and interesting.

I hope you get the results you want... and you may find some other benefits. (I did.)

My favorite raw vegan

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