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new here, new to raw
Posted by: TheMightyBouche ()
Date: October 08, 2011 08:10PM

Hi there

a shy introduction .... <<kicks stones>>

So, I'm a late-30s mum of 3. Have always eaten healthfully until recent years where post-baby obsession with weight loss has seen me lurching from one fad diet to the next. Even started eating meat thanks to Dukan! I mean, it works but - yuk!!

So. I want to get away from the yo yo dieting and periodic bingeing/ purging and back into a healthy, clean way of eating. Not just clean as in, unprocessed but clean as in, makes me FEEL clean on the inside. I've been wheat-free for years but really hate the fact that Dukan et al instilled a fear of fruit-and-veg based carbs in me. Really want to kick that mentality and crunch through lovely big bowls of spinach and rocket again!!!

And yes, I would also like to lose maybe half a stone. Nothing drastic. But more importantly, I would like to keep it off and be CONSISTENT - not starve my body and tastebuds, get to goal, relax the 'rules', gain weight, freak out, binge, purge etc.

Just good clean healthy TASTY food.

Hope you will be able to give me your advice and support. I just want to love eating again.

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