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Help - I'm New!
Posted by: Crunchy ()
Date: January 01, 2012 04:30AM


I'm a 52yo, 71kg, 5'2" female from Bateman's Bay in Australia. I read Dr Arnold Ehret's Mucusless Healing System when I was thirty, but Life got in the way. I am now separated from dh and dd and living alone (except for two mini dachshunds and a rescued pigeon).

I want to try fruitarianism but face some challenges: do I go straight on it from a normal Western diet? I grow tomatoes in a miniature backyard and I'm well aware than Man cannot live on tomatoes alone - plus they are not producing hugely, how do I garner more? Also, I am on a pension and, not being overwhelmed with cash, how do I afford the relatively expensive organic produce that may be available commercially? Any locals will rave on endlessly about fruitfly and fruit-predatory birds. Anyone would think that the fruit trees around here are living their own nightmare straight out of Hitchcock's The Birds. And, Bateman's Bay is not exactly overwhelmed by organic greengrocers. In fact, there is a paucity of them. We have four chain supermarkets and one (very) small, expensive local greengrocer. How do I access fresh organic?

So my problems, as you can see, are manifold.

I am keen to start.

I have all my own teeth (except for one taken out a couple of years ago,which they wouldn't let me keep after extraction. I've always heard that there's a glue for every purpose but I don't think they wanted me to put that to the test).

Help. Please.

Dominus tecum

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Re: Help - I'm New!
Posted by: fruitycait ()
Date: January 07, 2012 12:38AM

Tomatoes are certainly not enough variety for one to get the nutrients required by their body. If you want to go fruitarian, I want to encourage you, just jump right in 100% from the get-go, there is no better way of doing it! Get plenty of variety so that you don't "fall off the wagon", because it is hard in the beginning.

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