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Newbie here
Posted by: angelpie1 ()
Date: January 22, 2014 06:09PM

Hi there! I'm Angel from Florida and I'm trying to learn more about a raw food lifestyle. I eat about 80% raw food now. I'd like to get up to 90%, with the other 10% just for cooked proteins like beans, rice, etc.

Look forward to learning more and being part of the community.

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Re: Newbie here
Posted by: esa ()
Date: February 15, 2014 11:33PM

I congratulate you. I have posted a bunch today and you might look for those in this forum. I eat a lot or rice and sesame sprouts, with salt. I have a degree in nutrition and have a mindset that gives importance to having plenty of protein and calories. Do you feel the same? Raw food in the form of sprouted grains can take a longer time to chew and therefore turn people away, or just take too long. Eating plenty of fruit can help to fulfill cravings while you are rushed, but also knowing that sprouts are easily digested can give you confidence to multitask while you eat. Smoothies are another way to go, but I like to chew my food.

Consider that cooked beans can be replaced by sesame. Sesame has plenty of protein. One of the biggest benefits I got out of my education was the knowledge that combining seeds with grains gives plenty of the complimentary amino acids, eliminating a need for beans in the diet. We know that sprouted beans can taste pretty bad, and that bad taste comes from the phytochemicals we may do better to avoid.

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