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Anaerobic compost problem?
Posted by: rawfrancois ()
Date: May 07, 2008 08:00PM

Hi, everyone. Haven't been on these boards in a long time, but anyway.
My compost pile is too anaerobic. The thing probably weighs more than I do as it is all of my fruitarian rinds, seeds, etc. and barely any yard waste (grass, mulch, leaves). I added some leaves but I'm having trouble getting it to turn/mix because it's so heavy.

The compost doesn't smell like rotting food. It does have that earthy, sweet smell indicative of good compost. Yet, it looks too unrefined and wet at the top and middle of the barrel. The bottom I am experimenting with on some herbs before I put it to use on my fruits and vegetables.

Any tips on making it lighter and fluffier?

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Re: Anaerobic compost problem?
Posted by: davidzanemason ()
Date: May 09, 2008 11:02AM

Like you said, you'll have to learn to 'layer' it. Wet layer....dry layer....alternating. Every time you add a load of wet.....then throw down a layer of leaves, dry sandy soil and yard clippings/grass clippings. This should keep things going well.

-David Z. Mason

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