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BEANginner Sprout Kit from Sproutpeople
Posted by: kiki_day ()
Date: October 20, 2008 03:42AM

I'm making my list of the seeds I want to order. I have 2 leafy sprouts picked out and then I couldn't make up my mind on what beans to get. I thought, although a bit more expensive, I would try the BEANginner sprout kit---just wondering if anyone else has sprouted with it before and if you would recommend it. [] Also, this is my first time attempting to sprout and I'm super excited about it!!!! I need to get this figured out before I order and then it's just a matter of days....Let the sprouting journey begin smiling smiley

Re: BEANginner Sprout Kit from Sproutpeople
Posted by: kiki_day ()
Date: October 20, 2008 05:21AM

OK...So I ended up getting two kits, one was the BEANginner and the other was the Leafy Sprout Mix. I started going CRAZY trying to figure out what to order and how much so I decided getting some sample kits was the way to go! Now, I can taste test which ones I like more than others and adjust my future orders so that I'm not just guessing which one I'll like. I can't wait! I spent a little more than what I would have liked to but that also included buying some sprouters. I figure next time around will be cheaper because I already have the sprouting jars/hemp bag.

Did you find that you were hooked the first time you sprouted? Before the first time I juiced, when picking out a used juicer on craigslist and researching fresh juices to make, I had an inkling that I would love juicing and I absolutely do! I think that this is a great step for me. I've even been having 'green dreams' recently where I will be randomly drinking green juices or eating greens. . . I took it as a sign to incorporate more into my life (hello, sprouts!). One day I will grow sunflower greens, pea shoots and wheatgrass but I'm trying to not get overwhelmed and just learn (and spend) one thing at a time. I'm rambling so...that's all...

Re: BEANginner Sprout Kit from Sproutpeople
Posted by: frances ()
Date: October 20, 2008 07:35PM

I got started with one or two kits from sproutpeople too, one of which (I think) was the leafy sprout starter kit. The two you chose should be nice to start with because of the wide variety of seeds, and also because the two kits come with different sprouting devices. I find fall and winter to be the best time of year for sprouts too, because fresh local greens are harder to come by.

I wouldn't describe myself as "hooked", even now, but it took me a very short time to decide that sprouting was an incredibly easy and cost-effective way to make amazing fresh greens in my own kitchen during the height of a New York winter. Personally, I've never been a big fan of sprouted beans, though I do that occasionally, like for Matt Amsden's raw sprouted-chickpea falafel recipe. The leafy green sprouts are really my thing, and the kits were a great way to try things out and decide that.

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