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garbanzo sprouts
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: July 01, 2006 02:22AM

Does anyone sprout garbanzo beans successfully?

I find that I have to wash the beans as often as six times a day in order to keep them from spoiling. The beans themselves seem to produce some kind of toxin that dissolves the lil' sproutlings, not to mention stinks up my entire kitchen. Only with frequent washing (best done with purified water) and thorough draining have I sprouted edible garbanzo sprouts.

Does anyone have techniques for better garbanzo sprouting?

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Re: garbanzo sprouts
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: October 26, 2006 08:53AM

all i can think is that it might be the beans themselves - i find chickpeas really easy to sprout, i just soak them overnight and sprout them in an old pillowcase. are you using organic beans?

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Re: garbanzo sprouts
Posted by: admin ()
Date: November 07, 2006 02:08AM

they sprout, but I would not reccomend eating them. Most beans have toxins in the bean, that are only released when they are cooked, so even if you sprout beans, they are still toxic.. Wonder why you get gas when you eat beans?? Its the toxins!

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Re: garbanzo sprouts
Posted by: trinity082482 ()
Date: December 15, 2006 03:32AM

I tried to sprout chick peas before. By day 4, they were still hard and smelt like a really bad fart. I threw them out.

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Re: garbanzo sprouts
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: December 25, 2006 09:14PM

Daikon is right. I've found some beans don't sprout, they just rot. You probably have a bad batch of beans.

As far as how to sprout, I trust The Sprout People. Here is their documentation on garbanzo beans, [].

It doesn't mention the no rinse method on that page, but when I purchased an easy sprouter from them a few years ago I remember instructions stating that you can sprout them at 50 degrees Fahrenheit with good air circulation over a 6 day period with no rinsing. I did that a few times in my refrigerator and they turned out great. I've also sprouted them at room temperature with good results and made hummus out of them.

The hummus isn't very creamy though and I wouldn't want to eat too much of it. When I added chickpea miso and cashews to the hummus the consistency was much more like cooked hummus. Maybe some zucchini would be a nice touch. Jalapeno adds a tasty kick to it. You can make no-bean hummus out of zucchini or almonds if you don't like garbanzo sprouts but want hummus. The sprouts are great just sprinkled whole on salads as well.

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Re: garbanzo sprouts
Posted by: runnerchom ()
Date: December 27, 2006 01:38PM

I have sprouted organic garbanzo beans and they're delicious. I lightly steam them and eat them without .... refunding anything afterwards.

I do agree with the original poster that garbanzo beans require a lot of attention in terms of frequent washing; otherwise they tend to smell bad (but still sprout).


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Re: garbanzo sprouts
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: May 27, 2008 12:23PM

Here's a quick video that demonstrates how to sprout garbanzo beans.


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