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Someone to sprout buckwheat
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: November 13, 2008 04:07PM


My name is Ken, and I am the producer of a raw food granola bar, in South Carolina. We are currently looking to expand our operation to sell our bar all over the country. One of the ingredients is dried (dehydrated) sprouted buckwheat. We currently do this ourselves, but as we expand into a large facility that will allow us to go national, we are seeking someone who can do this for us. Does anyone know of someone that could help?

I hope that this post does not violate the terms of use, but I thought this might be a good place to find some help.

Have a blessed day!


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Re: Someone to sprout buckwheat
Posted by: Jgunn ()
Date: November 13, 2008 05:27PM

wow what a great offer to help someone make a little $ smiling smiley i hope you find someone in here from your area

im guessing that becaus they are dehydrated it doesnt matter too much how far they are from you

would you pay for shipping ?

im a bit far off im in vancouver bc canada and shipping foodstuffs thru the border is a huge paperwork nightmare so im not interested formyself ..but i know there are a few on here that could use the bucks tongue sticking out smiley

...Jodi, the banana eating buddhist

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Re: Someone to sprout buckwheat
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: January 31, 2009 03:41PM

I have been sprouting buckwheat for a while now. Do you still need help?
Please, email me directly
Thank you.

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Re: Someone to sprout buckwheat
Posted by: HealthNVitality ()
Date: March 14, 2009 07:15PM


You can PM me, if you wish.
I am sure that I can find someone to help you with growing and supplying buckwheat sprouts.
Also, we might be willing to sell your raw products on our sites, or work with you in some other way.

If you post a reply to this message and would like my feedback, it would be best to send me a private message to that effect. Otherwise, I may not check this thread for a while.

***Info from the advisors at HealthNVitality***

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