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nutrional value of cooked sprouts?
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: February 17, 2009 07:17AM

If sprouts are cooked, what nution is actually lost in the cooking process?? Would they still have a nutritional value? Sprouting allows for increased vit and mineral intake, would cooking void this?

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Re: nutrional value of cooked sprouts?
Posted by: HealthNVitality ()
Date: March 17, 2009 01:55PM

Sprouting adds a tremendous amount of vitality to a seed.

In relation to food combining, I would almost consider all sprouts to combine as vegetables. The seed may combine as a grain, legume, nut or whatever. Sprouting changes the biochemistry, such that the digestive system recognizes the sprouted seed more like a vegetable.
(I would agree that the preceding statements about food combining are somewhat exaggerated.)

The extent to which cooking destroys nutritional value depends primarily on temperature and duration.
The various aspects of nutritional content of food are each affected differently by cooking.

I will keep this answer brief. If you want more info, let me know or visit our site.
Cooking does not destroy mineral content very much.
The most delicate nutrients are enzymes and proteins, then oils.

Heating above 110 degrees fahrenheit begins to denature, cross-link, produce free-radical damage, or otherwise destroy enzymes, proteins and oils.
Rather than recognizing an enzyme as useful and using it, or rather than recognizing a protein as food and digesting it for use, the body responds to cooked, denatured enzymes and proteins as invaders and mounts an immune attack.

I said that I was going to keep this brief. I guess it is time to stop writing.

If you post a reply to this message and would like my feedback, it would be best to send me a private message to that effect. Otherwise, I may not check this thread for a while.

***Info from the advisors at HealthNVitality***

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