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How Not to Grow Clover Sprouts ?
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: June 05, 2009 05:16PM

It was a valiant effort, but hopefully it’s not foreshadowing what’s to come. My attempt to sprout clover seeds in my office failed. When I got into the office this morning they were molding and water logged.

That’s not keeping me from sprouting in my office. I am pretty sure I know what went wrong and how to remedy for next time.

What I do know is how not to grow clover sprouts:

Don’t start sprouting on at the end of the work week. Unless you enjoy going into the office just to rinse your seeds, Monday would be a much better day to start.

Don’t pile the seeds on top of each other. Spread them out. Pretty sure that is what lead to the mold. They didn’t have enough room to properly drain and breathe.

Don’t deprive them of sunlight after they green. After the seeds start to sprout and green, get them into the sun to finish them off. There is no need to keep them in the shade.


how to choose a detox diet-how to choose a detox diet

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Re: How Not to Grow Clover Sprouts ?
Posted by: frances ()
Date: June 05, 2009 05:38PM

That's funny, Nick, thanks for sharing. I thought of sprouting in the office too, but I realized that the Monday-Friday growth cycle was the only one that would work, so I'd only get sprouts on Fridays.

Generally, I think it's fine if the seeds are resting on each other, as long as you're getting your rinses in twice a day, and everything is well drained.

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