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Indoor Growing in cold Climate with Lights
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: January 06, 2010 06:46PM

I want to start indoor growing other than sprouts and wheatgrass. I was thinking of making a box with a lid that had holes punched in it. I would then put christmas lights through the holes giving the plants light. My worry is, my apartment is between 60 and 70 degrees now and I worry that the plants would get the light they needed but it would still be too cold? Should I use regular lights to give them warmth or LED lights?

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Re: Indoor Growing in cold Climate with Lights
Posted by: Jgunn ()
Date: January 06, 2010 07:05PM

only more tropical plants need warmer temperatures 60-70 isnt really all that bad .

Im not sure xmas lights would give you the spectrum you need to grow, but it could be a fun experiment for sure smiling smiley

keep me posted ! smiling smiley

from an esthetic point of view ,,, cardboard boxes around your house growing things might not look so pretty lol

instead you could get a neice deep (12"inches to 24" or more) wooden or metal shelf unit with open sides. encase it with rolled solid white plastic (to get reflection of light onto your plants) to make a sorta free standing indoor greenhouse. mount your lights inside it under the each shelf which would shine light down onto each shelf of growing trays of lettuc or what not smiling smiley

...Jodi, the banana eating buddhist

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Re: Indoor Growing in cold Climate with Lights
Posted by: Sundancer ()
Date: January 07, 2010 02:28PM

I'm a farmer in Mass. For our starts, we have a big metal rack (commercial grade stainless that you can get at Costco for $80ish) and we attached cheap 4' florescent lights to the undersides of the shelves. The shelves should be adjustable for different heights as the veggies grow. We attached a timer to the lights. We don't cover the sides of the shelves because the lights do the trick. (It's fun to watch the cops drive by real slow to try to see what's going on with the lights! ;} ) I also bought my son a setup like this and he is successfully growing in his house.

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