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Sprouted brown rice: raw???
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: February 19, 2010 01:54AM

Hello everyone. Is sprouted brown rice meant to be eaten raw or cooked??? Thanks in advance.

Re: Sprouted brown rice: raw???
Posted by: loeve ()
Date: February 23, 2010 05:36PM

Sprouted rice is traditionally eaten cooked, when speaking of the world. A rawist might mix it with other sprouts, blend or juice it to make rice milk. I don't know if there are recipes. Did you try sprouting it?

Re: Sprouted brown rice: raw???
Posted by: Horsea ()
Date: March 02, 2010 05:30PM

You can buy raw, sprouted, brown rice protein powders. Quite tasty and much less of a production than trying it yourself, if you ask me.

Does anyone know where one can obtain sproutable rice, just as a point of interest?

Re: Sprouted brown rice: raw???
Posted by: loeve ()
Date: March 03, 2010 01:14PM

Brown rice should be sproutable as long as it's not labled "converted" or otherwise indicating it's been parboiled. I've never been successful at it using cold water soaking.

It looks like rice needs special conditions for sprouting like warmth as "discovered" by a United Nations study in 2004. This link describes how to make GBR (germinated or sprouted brown rice) --


..they say it gets soft enough to be eaten raw.

Re: Sprouted brown rice: raw???
Posted by: loeve ()
Date: March 04, 2010 11:45AM

The FAO wrote a paper on GBR in Japan where it's been a growing industry in recent years --

"The basic procedure to prepare GBR is; first select good brown rice to germinate; second, soak it for some 20 hours in warm water at around 30 to 40 degrees in Celsius or longer with cooler temperature; changing water a few times depending on smell being developed during the soaking; wash it lightly before cooking." [] they say do this before "cooking". In Japan they've been taking it further.

Re: Sprouted brown rice: raw???
Posted by: loeve ()
Date: March 08, 2010 10:35PM

So, I tried sprouting some ordinary long grain brown rice and some premium medium grain and both did very well with about 95% germination. These are the steps I used--

1) Soak in warm water for 12-20 hours to germinate, changing water as needed.

2) Rinse and drain twice daily till sprouted (another day or two).

After two days the rice sprouts little tails which are slightly larger on the third..

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