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An Ode to my Mung Beans
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: February 03, 2007 08:16PM

May I suggest that anyone considering going raw starts sprouting their beans and seeds etc. <before> they make the change, lol? Or better still, take a course in sprouting, check your fingers are sufficiently green and then go raw.

My mung beans hate me! I soaked them a few days ago, and now they're in my sprouter. I've been watering them three times a day, but the sprouts are still tiny (about 2/8 of an inch). Am I just impatient? How long do mung beans usually take to sprout? I think the cold weather might be encouraging them to stay in their little seed jackets. I even considered naming them, in case they were having a teenage-style identity crises... Mildred, Malcolm, Minerva, Malorey, Mike, Milicent, Manfred...

Also, if they can be sweet-talked into it, what is the best length at which to eat them?

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Re: An Ode to my Mung Beans
Posted by: taylor ()
Date: February 04, 2007 02:37PM

boy-all i can tell you is what i read on this "dining in the raw"-a rawish says this.mung beans are easy to sprout(i have just bought some but no experience with mung beans-i am going to do some soon).they like to be rinsed in very cold water and WEIGHTED DOWN WITH A VERY HEAVY DISH WHEN SPROUTING.grown in the dark.ok! i don't know if this is what you do but this book says says 8-10 hours for soaking.2 daily rinses.1-2 inches in length is what is desired and 3 to 5 days of sprouting.ic. of unsprouted gives 3-4 c.of sprouted.good luck.I will be doing some i can tell u the results.if this is ok.taylor oh! then the sproutmans book says put seeds in a jar/bag method.I soak my seeds in a bowl and then i put a towel in a colander and keep that towel wetish all the time i am sprouting.rinsing 2 times a day.but i have just not done mung could very well be the colder weather.good luck.i tried to help but probably did not.taylor

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Re: An Ode to my Mung Beans
Posted by: davidzanemason ()
Date: February 04, 2007 08:47PM

My experience:

Mung beans....along with sunflower seeds (unshelled)....were some of the easiest sprouts for me. A good 6 hour soak in cool water.....and then a good rinsing/straining twice a day.......and then keeping lightly covered in a cool place yielded very good results. If you don't get significant sprouting within three (3) days of repeating this process.....then check your temperatures (keep at around 72F).....keep out of sunlight.....keep covered.....but allowed to breathe (like with a light cloth). If you don't get significant sprouting.....then purchase from a new source. smiling smiley No worries - eh?

-David Z. Mason

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Re: An Ode to my Mung Beans
Posted by: sachelle ()
Date: March 28, 2007 08:16PM

Hi there...well mung beans are great...i started with these and they sprouted great...and i just went with it haha...i soaked them in a bowl with a cover....over night then i put a wet paper towel down in my strainer put the mung beans in...cover with another paper towel and put in my dishwasher (cuz i don't use it and it is dark and never opened unless i am checking on my sprouts...then i rinse twice a day once when i get up and once before bed...they grow great.....also i know someone who teaches a class and he uses plastic containers you would find at the raw deli or what not that some food would come in...he pokes holes in the bottom puts paper towel wet on the bottom basically same idea i came up with except he uses the plastic container and i use the strainer haha...good luck if nothing else you might need a new store or somewhere to get these beans...they just might not be good from there..
good luck
love sachelle

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Re: An Ode to my Mung Beans
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: June 18, 2007 02:52AM

HI! I am new to this site AND to raw food diet but I have been sprouting mung since years. It is a common practice in India, we soak the dry mung beans in water for 6 hrs or overnight. Then keep it in cheese cloth or any cloth (my granny used 100% cotton cloth like a vest that guys wear- she would wash it well and use it when it was time for it to be discarded) that cloth tends to be porous that works well.
So, keep the beans in it ,wet the cloth two- 4 times a day. She would just hang the cloth from the knob of the kitchen cabinet. By the end of 2 days, you should have great sprouts!
It can be kept wet in the refrigerator too. She would sprout very small quantities at a time and use it quickly. I wonder if that helps!

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