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water sprouting Vs soil sprouting
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: June 18, 2007 02:59AM

HI! I have recently begun to research raw food diet and am confused about so many things. One thing I read on this website is as follows-any comments?????????


Sprouting is bad for you in the automatic sprouters. Due to our distributor we cannot mention the names but they are the ones with the automatic watering system that makes sprouts with water only without soil. This is very dangerous especially if growing wheatgrass. They fail to tell you what you are really growing. They fail to tell you about how growing sunflower sprouts or buckweat sprouts or wheatgrass in these automatic sprouters that grow from the misted water is dangerous to eat and lacks what you think you are getting. They fail to mention the Brixxe' level is severely restricted. They fail to tell you many things that we cannot say. Please call us if you want to hear the unbiased truth about why we do not sell these dangerous machines that rawfooders ask us for. Our staff would never touch a sprout or wheatgrass that was grown in one of these machines. We urge anyone that wants to buy a sprouter to call us. We do NOT sell them and are not trying to sell you one. We used to sell them before we learned the truth. Don't fall for the scam!

When you grow sprouts it should be natural. In nature they grow in soil. We grow ours in a thermophillic soil (soil that we make that naturally gets up to 150 degrees due to all the natural bacteria proliferation).

The soil you buy in stores might not have the bacteria in the soil. (Most people try to put kelp or some mineral solution in their electric sprouter. This is just for minerals...not the bacteria...what a joke!)

The baby sprouted greens that grow in nature where they are naturally "wild crafted" have a super strong reproductive energy. The ones in an electric sprouter....well...just think about it and it is easy to figure out?

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