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finding your best way to sprout
Posted by: lovebird ()
Date: August 13, 2007 08:57PM

Hello everyone,
I just registered and this is my first post. I have enjoyed reading many posts today and wanted to chime in!
I am 2 months into going raw, and I really enjoy the learning and growing part of this lifestyle. And that brings me to the topic of sprouting!
It seems a lot of us need to experiment to find the best raw foods for our unique bodies, and the best ways of preparing foods and sprouting.
I live in the humid southeast and knew that mold could be a problem for me while growing sprouts. I am a raw fooder and sprouter in-progress, but I am having increasing success. Here is how I am sprouting currently, with no seeds going bad:
I went to a garden store and got 2 round 'saucers' that catch the excess water from planters. They are terra cotta and very inexpensive. I started small, about 4 inch rounds, and then went bigger, so I can grow 1/2 cup of seeds in one batch. I put the seeds in one 'saucer' and cover it with the other. This has worked wonderfully for all kinds of seeds!!!!! Terra cotta is great at absorbing excess water. I rinse 2 times a day. Even in the heat of the summer my sprouts are not going bad, and I can grow them for about 4 days.

Anyone else find great solutions for their situation?

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