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The cost?
Posted by: Seren ()
Date: December 28, 2007 05:31PM

I was wondering what it would cost (estimkate) to start a very small garden in florida? Assuming I would have to buy plants and fencing etc. since I live in the everglades with all the little animals. I was trying to work out if it would be cheaper in the long run. I would just want a few things like tomatos etc. Ooh and I LOVE mangos. Thanks!

Re: The cost?
Posted by: davidzanemason ()
Date: January 06, 2008 05:24AM

If you're going for cheap, you can grow tomatoes in pots that you make from just about anything. You can try a wide variety of soils in the area....or buy a bag of cheap garden soil from your local wal-mart. You CAN grow them from seeds - but it's not really worth it. Better to get a tray of very small tomato plant starts. Other vegetables - like radishes - will grow rapidly from seeds to edibles (you can eat the greens on the radishes as well). Carrots will also grow from seeds...they just take a long time! Swiss Chard is an excellent green. Alternately, you can grow Buttercrunch & Red Leaf Lettuce. Remember that tomatoes are a warmer season crop...and do best when planted in spring...but in South Florida.....they will probably do well all season. You CAN hang your pots...if you choose to do so. This eliminates most animal problems - including cutworms. Chicken wire and sticks would probably be your cheapest fencing. Galvanized fencing also makes good fencing and tomato cages. Larger fruits need to grow from trees - and that gets they usually take at least a year or two to start producing..sometimes much more. I'm in Central the way.....(in Avon Park) but HAVE gardened on the coasts and in South Florida - where I'm from originally. If I can offer any tips...just let me know.

P.S. I'm serious about the Chard.

-David Z. Mason

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