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Automatic Sprouter from the Sproutman - help!
Posted by: Juanita ()
Date: March 27, 2008 01:38PM

I got my sprouter - I put french lentils in to sprout on Monday - as per the instructions I put them on the tray - then put the other tray on top - BUT I have no idea how long to sprout these before I remove the tray above - there are no "instructions" as far as times for sprouting lentils and removing the top high should french lentils grow - help smiling smiley

Re: Automatic Sprouter from the Sproutman - help!
Posted by: frances ()
Date: March 27, 2008 02:58PM

I usually sprout lentils either very briefly (a couple of days) and enjoy them as lentils with little roots, or about a week until they have stalks and green leaves and enjoy them as greens. I don't think there are any fixed rules. You could do something in between or grow them as long as a couple of weeks if you prefer.

edit: I'm not familiar with the particular sprouter you're using, and it may impose limits on your sprouting times. If there is limited space between the levels you may need to harvest before your sprouts get too tall. If it's the type that recycles the same water over the sprouts repeatedly, you may not be able to grow as long before spoilage sets in. Experiment! There are lots of good answers, and the worst that's likely to happen is that you'll waste a handful of dry lentils.

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