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Can we reuse water used during sprouting
Posted by: eemiller ()
Date: April 15, 2008 04:56PM

I am trying to figure out a way to preserve, or re-use the water that is used during the sprouting/rinsing process. I remember reading something about drinking that water because it has beneficial nutrients in it. That was a long time ago that I read it, years ago, when I was first contemplating sprouting.

I just seem to see a lot of water going into the sprouting process that could be utilized. One of the reasons I am learning to sprout is for the benefits to my food storage and emergency prepardness. But, if there was a water shortage, for whatever reason, sprouting would be taking up a lot of water. If I could use the water double duty, then I'd have a plan...

Any ideas.

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Re: Can we reuse water used during sprouting
Posted by: frances ()
Date: April 15, 2008 06:50PM

You can re-use the water within reason. It will contain waste products washed off of your sprouts and as these collect in the water you may want to stop pouring the wastes back over the sprouts. Some people use the waste water in gardens, compost piles and on house plants. What is waste to the sprouts can be fuel or other life.

I haven't heard of anyone drinking the water. I find that my waste water often smells a little ripe and I wouldn't want to try it.

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Re: Can we reuse water used during sprouting
Posted by: TruthHunter ()
Date: September 04, 2008 03:07PM

Too much water?

Do you shower? Wash clothes? Flush?
When I lived in the 3rd world, I found that I could get by with 2 gallons for a shower. But that was dampen,scrub with soap, then rinse with a trickle.

I assume you aren't using multiple gallons for sprouts, so why be so concerned? Or are you rinsing with bottled water? Ordinary filtered tap water should be fine. In fact I would be surprised if any detectable harm would come from using straight tap water. If chlorine concerns you, just let it set first.

I think you could use the same water for several stages of sprouts. If you aren't washing pretty often, you will have bacteria growing. This is the main reason for washing several times a day. If you don't the sprouts will still grow, but will smell bad from the bacteria. Of course, drinking the water might provide you with sufficient Vitamin B12!

Many seeds have toxins that are released when the seed first begins to swell. These are for the purpose of protecting the immediate environment around the seed. Therefore, the soak water and 1st wash or so, shouldn't be drunk.


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