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Sprout a tail-Crack a Nut
Posted by: Keepitsimple3344 ()
Date: April 28, 2008 06:12AM

Brand new!

I bought some raw nuts.Whats best way to activate the enzymes? Dont have machines yet.
Was told 2put them in water 4 24hrs and then dry them.Easy enough.Will this work or is there something I dont understand? What do I look4 that shows enzymes r active?

also,Bought 1st coconut. Mainstream says they r more trouble than worth can anyone suggest a way to open- that is relatively easy and do I need a hammer & sdriver?

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Re: Sprout a tail-Crack a Nut
Posted by: loeve ()
Date: April 28, 2008 04:13PM

A truely raw viable nut will stay fresh for a while after soaking and may even show signs of wanting to sprout. A "dead" nut will not keep long after being soaked in my experience.

Cracking coconuts depends on whether you got a young one or a brown one, and how you plan to extract the meat after open. In any case I like to drain the water first by puncturing the SOFT "eye" with a screw driver, sharp scissors or whatever. For brown ones a hammer or any blunt instrument will do. If you want two neat halves then tap around the equator. If you want to shatter into several smaller pieces I like to randomly tap all over the shell to cause as much fracturing as possible then chip out the meat with a butter knife. It definitely takes practice winking smiley

For more ideas: []

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