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Healthy and low BMI
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: April 27, 2009 11:23PM


I have a question that I've been dying to find out about.

Does anyone here have a Raw Food experience but is already healthy and possibly have a normal or even low BMI?

I know a raw foods lifestyle helps with those that have diseases and are overweight, HOWEVER, how about those people who have a good health status, physically active, eat a well balanced meal? I think I eat pretty healthy to begin with, and on top of that I already have a very low BMI (I've been like this all my life, my parents are both really skinny too), and I know that raw foods is normally lower in calories, but I don't want to go on a raw foods diet to lose weight, but for the health aspects of it. Is there anyone out there that was not eating the Standard American Diet to begin with and then went on the Raw Foods diet/lifestyle?? I want to know if there is a difference. Thanks

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Re: Healthy and low BMI
Posted by: Molli ()
Date: August 07, 2009 03:30PM

I have been eating raw for 6 days. I have been fortunate to be extremely healthy my entire life (I'm 45). I have never had any medical problems -- rarely even get a cold or the flu. Prior to switching to a raw diet, I pretty much ate whatever I wanted to eat, within reason. I'm definitely not overweight. My BMI is on the lower side of healthy, but it isn't too low. I switched because I read quite a bit about eating raw and decided that this was by far the healthiest way to eat.

On your comment about raw foods being lower in calories, just eat more if you are worried about getting too thin!

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Re: Healthy and low BMI
Posted by: RawLibrarian ()
Date: August 10, 2009 04:26PM

I was vegetarian for decades before going raw. My weight before going raw was slender (not skinny), but my cholesterol was on the high end of normal because of eating dairy and eggs. I cut those things out and went raw, and the next blood test I had 6 months later showed a more than 50 point drop in "bad" cholesterol levels and triglycerides and an increase in my "good" cholesterol levels. I haven't lost weight because I make sure I eat a lot, and I don't deprive myself. I eat lots of vegetables and fruit (of course), I eat good fats like avocados and really good olive oil on my salads, I don't overdo nuts and I don't like the vast majority of raw desserts, cacao, etc.--in other words, I'm not eating a lot of desserts and nut pates and the like in order to boost my caloric intake. No superfoods. No dehydrator, either. I practice yoga and lift weights and walk a lot, which I've been doing for years anyway.

So for me at least, raw vegan food lowered my cholesterol a whole lot, and I continue to look the same as I did before raw, in terms of my weight. Not everyone becomes emaciated once they change their diets. I just make sure I eat enough, and get enough exercise, and it works for me.

Hope this helps.

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