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My report after 6 weeks.
Posted by: bachcole ()
Date: January 07, 2011 08:50PM

I started getting serious about raw foods and juicing one second after I finished my Thanksgiving Dinner on November 25th, 2010. I am at about 60% raw foods, which includes about 11 cups of twin-gear juiced fruit and veggie juice per day.

I had a psoriasis or eczema patch on the tip of my left ear that was about 5mm long and 2.5mm wide, or 12.5 square mm. I would pick at it like a fool, so it was pretty deep and it would sometimes bleed on my pillow when I sleep on my left side. It is now almost completely gone. It is now about 2mm by 2mm, or 4 square mm. This is an improvement in size of 3.125 times less. It is also so shallow that it is difficult to feel. I had another spot on my left ear that also went from deep and ugly to very shallow.

I had trouble with pain in my shoulders while trying to sleep on my side. This has diminished considerably. I had such inflammation in my right shoulder that I had trouble touching my left ear. Now, that inflammation is reduced by 97%. (I.E. it is only 3% of what it used to be).

The amazing thing is my teeth. I had serious malocclusion. I guess as the bones under my teeth became inflamed, the teeth began to move around. Also my two teeth in the far back on the right started to hurt a little. I had trouble chewing from the pain and my teeth just did not fit together like I had been used to for 60 odd years. Since I started getting serious about raw foods and juicing, my teeth have moved back to almost perfect alignment. The one tooth that did hurt that the dentist was not able to get his greedy hands on has greatly improved to the point of "presence" rather than pain.

I feel that so much of what we do for health is mostly compensating for eating dead food.

I also think that you-all emphasize the importance of enzymes, and they are certainly important. But I think that there are higher realities than enzymes, which have been called prana by the Vedantists and chi by the Taoists. Prana is also destroyed by cooking. I also think that enzymes do more than just help assimilation. I also figure that there are always something that the scientists have overlooked, but God, when creating these foods, did not over look.

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Re: My report after 6 weeks.
Posted by: Trive ()
Date: January 08, 2011 07:28AM

Great report! Glad to read that you are having such good results, bachcole. smiling smiley

My favorite raw vegan

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Re: My report after 6 weeks.
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: March 23, 2011 06:59AM

you the great book..genesis 1:29 says what he made for man to eat...its all are on to something. i think reading that verse in the beginning of jan is what got me to really change how i ate <3

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