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My husband is even going raw!
Posted by: Jay ()
Date: January 13, 2012 07:07PM

Back in December, I decided that I would start a raw diet this January. I had had enough with the bloated chicken breasts and meats at the grocery store, and the thought of all of the hormones, pesticides, and preservatives injected in our foods just made me not want to eat it at all.

When I announced that I was going raw to friends and family, everyone thought I was crazy - not one person supported me, at first. As I thought I was going through this journey alone, my husband asked what we were having for our first raw meal. I couldn't believe it. My husband - a Texan hunter who has never gone a day without meat, bread, or dairy - had decided to share this journey with me.

Granted it hasn't been more than two weeks, but we've already noticed a difference in our minds and bodies. We decided that it can be fun, too. It's not only a great way to learn about these nutritious foods and how to prepare them but it's great to learn better alternatives when we don't eat or drink raw (FYI sake and sulfate-free wines are considered raw drinks). Although we've been 95% raw now, I think long-term we'll be happy and fulfilled around 80% raw. You see, there is a certain stigma about being raw but I think little by little, as people grow to understand that you can actually be fulfilled by raw food, we can break that stigma. We appreciate any comments you may have and we'll continue to keep you posted on our progress.

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