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I had $10 in my pocket in 2005 self published RAW IN TEN MINUTES and wow everything RAWCKED after that!
Posted by: rawbryan ()
Date: May 09, 2012 10:39PM

Hi I am hope my story will inspire you. I was vegetarian at age 12 then volunteered as a vegetarian cooked chef around the world to learn more but to add more health and harmony to our world. I volunteered at Yoga and Spiritual Centers around the world until I ran out of money because was volunteering and not working. I also became vegan at age 27 then raw organic vegan at age 29 I am 40 now but people tell me I look in my 20s! So I come back to San Francisco with $10 in my pocket literally and tried to start my life over again with hopefully a new job or something but economy was bad even back then and the Yoga Center now was charging rent so I had to come up with something fast or be evicted then I remember my friend in LA doing raw food delivery business so I gave it a try and it worked people in SF loved it and it went well for me but I had to do everything myself and it was challenging. But people loved my recipes and food so much soon they asked for my recipes but I was reluctant to give them away as they were my company "secrets" but they got so demanding and aggressive I gave in and decided to self publish my RAW IN TEN MINUTES recipe book which did very well and changed my life and path. A lot has happened to me and mostly really fun and happy and RAW changed my life and improved it a real "success" story so just wanted to share that with people to inspire and uplift! yawning smiley)

This year my RAW STAR Recipe book actually WON The #1 Best Vegetarian Cookbook in the USA Award 2012 by The Gourmand World Cookbook Awards. They don't have a raw recipe book category so mine fell under that one which is fine. More proof that eating and promoting RAW really opens up doors, attracts goodness and a lot of fun into your life!

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