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Lost 175 Pounds Combined!! Twins Go RAW smiling smiley
Posted by: Light Twins ()
Date: November 14, 2013 05:40AM

Hello Everyone! smiling smiley We are the Light Twins(Henry and Jason) and our journey all started 2 years ago when we decided to that's that first huge step and become vegetarian. At that point in time we thought this was the start and end to eating healthy but little did we know the our journey has only just begun.
Eight months ago after through research and what our bodies were telling us we became vegans. For the last eight months we have been relishing in our delicious plant eating lifestyle. We really though we were going to be missing out on many delicious meals. This is simply not the case!! who knew there were so many appetizing meals just waiting for us to discover!
We were taught growing up that we needed the 4 food groups to be a healthy person. That is someone even stopped eating meat the would be pale and have no muscle! That vegan and just weak earth lovers... After 25 years of being told what we have learned quite the opposite and we not being told the truth about health, fitness, food and nutrition.. We were going through not only a physical transformation but an entire life transformation!
As much as we love eating well, we also love working out and building practical/usable muscle. With the new eating life style we have also started a new workout routine using calisthenics. We are on a journey to become a bar brothers! We strive to be the best we can be and reach our full potential!
If you would like to know more we have recently started a YouTube channel with is soul purpose is to Motivate, Inform and Inspire! We have documented our Vegan and Bar brother journey from the start to help inform anyone what to expect then taking the plunge. We really desire to make our contribution to help making the world place! ~Lets transform together~

Follow our Journey smiling smiley

Our YouTube Channel Link: []

Facebook Page: []

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Re: Lost 175 Pounds Combined!! Twins Go RAW smiling smiley
Posted by: Light Twins ()
Date: November 14, 2013 06:44AM

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