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raw weight loss
Posted by: luna_sky_1 ()
Date: June 15, 2006 12:58AM

those of you who have lost weight on a raw diet, what did you notice first? Loss of pounds, or loss of inches? Also, how long did it take for you to notice the changes in your size?

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Re: raw weight loss
Posted by: davidzanemason ()
Date: June 16, 2006 11:54PM

My experience:

-Mostly loss of first..which can be the frequency you want....but the size will come shortly thereafter.

-For those that were rather took some time for the skin to come back into good order. 6 months for most of it......but perhaps 2 or 3 years for me to finally have that 6 pack! LOL.

-David Mason

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Re: raw weight loss
Posted by: luna_sky_1 ()
Date: June 17, 2006 12:09AM

Like I've already posted, I've got around 80 pounds to loose. Right now I'm on the first day of a 3 day lemon water and morning sea salt water flush fast. Damn! say that 5 times real fast! LOLOL! ! ! I like hearing that others have been in the same boat and recovered without surgery for the loose skin. Or, worse yet, not having any results at all. I was told that 3 days every month would work best for a fast. What do you think??? 3days fasting, 6 days raw.......follow that pattern for 60 days with my work outs and full time job? I can't let myself get too weak. My job requires some strength. Any oppinions greatly appreciated.

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Re: raw weight loss
Posted by: ColoradoGal ()
Date: December 20, 2006 05:40AM

I needed to lose 80 lbs too, now I only need to lose 70. I think you should take it easy and just stick to eating fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. Eat as much as you want, you won't overeat if you take your time and don't overeat the nuts and avocados.

Walking is a great supplement. I am trying to get 60 - 90 minutes per day. I sometimes break it up into 3 walks so I have time.

I also have a job that requires a clear head and taking it slow will give you good results all around.

It may take a while to get off the weight but it took a while to put it on.

Hang tough,

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Re: raw weight loss
Posted by: ljbn ()
Date: December 20, 2006 11:01PM

I've lost 90#s this year - 77ish after going 100% low fat raw vegan in late June. I think it's pretty easy if you eat mostly fruits and fruit-vegies w/some greens/celery and kind of keep the seeds and avacados down to 1ce a week or so --- nuts and I are on a special occasion relationship at the present. I think that the 80/10/10 Diet book by Dr. D. Graham is a good scientifically loaded guide. And in my opinion - for me - learning and applying more of the Natural Hygine principals in my life are having a BIG impact.

I'm happy to hear that the loose skin will pull up with out surgery, that's been one of my biggest concerns and questions and this Forum is the first place I've heard an answer! I figured that our bodies are amazing and able to heal from anything, why not heal the skin as well and have set that as one of my intentions that it will be able to do that for me. I walk outside everyday, most of the time for 40 mins to an hour and some days it's multiple hours though I do live in a big city so it's easy to walk & loose track of time.

Oh - also, if you find yourself getting hungry after you've eaten what you thought should be enough... wait a bit and eat more fruit, perhaps a banana. I'm begining most of my meals with fruit salad or a banana milk (banana & water in the blender) now.

I'm not a big fan of cleanses - keep in mind that everyone is different and do what is right for you. If I was to not feel well or want to shift my 'food' focus I would choose to do a water fast instead. I am of the thought that water is the best cleanser & using most anything else is like using soap, which is largely an oil based product or could be considered a form of additive or (less dirty) dirt to wash another kind of dirt away. (some one else may have a better worded explaination)

The best advice I could give anyone is --- Keep it Simple! this isn't rocket science, it's nature. and lastly ---- Take what you need and LEAVE the rest!


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Re: raw weight loss
Posted by: tiffany martinez ()
Date: December 31, 2006 05:25AM

I've got 40 pounds to loose, and i have the same worries and concerns.. you ladies and gentlemen who have such good things to say... KEEP SAYING THEM.....

i WAY over eat the nuts and avos.... and even though i have been over 70 % mostly 80 % raw for my WHOLE life.... i have to work real hard and feel starved if i don't get nuts and avos.... so i just eat what i want.. lol..

i have never come back down from an obese BMI since the twins were born..... but i'm going to up it to 90 percent and limit the avo and nuts to once a day instead of twice.... i KNOW in my heart that will be my solution.....

anyone wanna post a chart of somekind showing inches or pounds? i would be interested to see others literal progress... and be willing to share mine.....

you can email me at if you want to exchange info......

tiff n twins

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Re: raw weight loss
Posted by: bodybyblis ()
Date: January 12, 2007 09:33PM

Often clients, female clients, loss between 6-12 lbs. weekly, if they follow a specific raw foods cleansing diet, not just transition to raw foods. Although I certainly cannot recommend that you don't transition to raw foods.

Usually in lbs. and inches.

Good luck!

Blissed be, Annie

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Re: raw weight loss
Posted by: taylor ()
Date: January 15, 2007 12:32PM

well-i started out oct.18th-06 weighing in a few days i will probably close in on the 195 when i hit 195,i will have lost 50 pounds since oct.yrs ago-like 6 yrs. i was this weight and got down to a size stomach had loose did not recover even with sit-ups.i had big babies-like over 9 i don't know if this is it or what.i lost my weight from being on no salt,no sugar and low fat-then went to my old ways of vegan and now trying is harder than i thought to do the raw thing.everything is to be soaked and sprouted and dried before i am sort of sticking to alot raw and some vegan this time.till i learn for breakfast i had a banana and a couple of dates. i woke up wanting to binge but once i got my water down and my clove tea and the food and waited a bit...i was ok.any tips from anyone would be fine by me.taylor

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Re: raw weight loss
Posted by: pakd4fun ()
Date: February 18, 2007 04:17PM

I only needed to loose 15 pounds and it came off the first two weeks of going raw months ago. My size has been adjusting ever since. My pants keep getting bigger. My weight is pretty much staying the same. I guess my boddy is just moveing it around.

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Re: raw weight loss
Posted by: cy ()
Date: February 20, 2007 05:23AM

I was a vegetarian and now i'm eating raw food,already a month. I fell great besides all the things that happened with my body,all the cleanig...but now i'm eating so much cakes and nuts that i gained 7 pounds and i was suppose to lose 10
pounds. maybe the best way is to eat more salads,green juices and fruits and keep the nuts and cakes for the weekends.

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Re: raw weight loss
Posted by: jojiarun ()
Date: March 01, 2007 04:02PM

I lost about 7 lbs in the first week....and it seems that I tend to lose about a 1/2 lb every day or every other day since then. I exercise regularly, although for enjoyment now, rather than necessity to keep the lbs off. I noticed the scale first, then the jeans. I feel like all I do is eat, eat, eat, but dont gain weight. I even eat dessert (raw almond butter, maple syrup, raw almonds, frozen) every night. So keep it up!!!!! It will pay off! Plus, there are so many other benefits BESIDES the weight loss!!!!!!

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Re: raw weight loss
Posted by: cy ()
Date: March 04, 2007 12:03AM

Thanks. I have to start exercise again. I use to walk 1 hour evry day. I'll go back to it,and also stop eating a lot of nuts,breads,and sweets,but salads and juices.
Thanks for your support.

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Re: raw weight loss
Posted by: pdx kris ()
Date: March 09, 2007 05:49AM

lose = verb, "to lose weight"
loose = adjective, "my shoelaces are loose"

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Re: raw weight loss
Posted by: sachelle ()
Date: March 10, 2007 10:15PM

thanks for being the english teacher on the site...i am sure they accidently had a typo i don't think we need to spend time correcting eachother when ALL of us knew what she meant or else you wouldn't of been able to correct her right???
love sachelle

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