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fallen off the deep end.... how to get back on track?
Posted by: rufio ()
Date: January 09, 2012 08:24AM

Since xmas I have gone completely off the deep end. I have been eating junk food almost everyday. Cookies, cake, donuts, pastries, all vegan courtesy of whole foods bakery. Im eating this stuff as if I am invincible because ive been eating a clean diet for years. I dont even feel negative effects afterward but if I keep it up I probably will. I try to justify it by getting my green juice and smoothies in to start the day and saving the junk binges til night time.

I know this is terrible food to put in my body and Ive consumed more fat the last two weeks than probably all of last year (really bad fats). To compound the problem a neighbor of mine gave me a ton of avocados from his tree and Ive been eating one almost everyday with bean chips. And then dessert afterward.

How do I put a halt to this nasty streak? How do I eradicate sweets for good? I have always been disciplined when it comes to dietary choices. My problem is that I think Im invicible and can get away with this because I am in good shape and I know after this binge passes I am still much better off than the average person. I know that Im not gonna become obese or diabetic. This is me allowing myself to become "wasted" on vegan junk food while everyone else smokes and drinks alcohol along with their SAD diet. And I think xmas/new years/cold weather has a role in this. Do I need a scare tactic or more education?

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Re: fallen off the deep end.... how to get back on track?
Posted by: powerlifer ()
Date: January 09, 2012 10:08AM

It will likely catch up in time which is what you need to remind yourself, only a small portion of people manage to troddle along with a poor diet long term with minimal health issues.

Maybe allow yourself a little treat daily until you get back on track ?. You know what they say about moderation.


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Re: fallen off the deep end.... how to get back on track?
Posted by: Tamukha ()
Date: January 09, 2012 03:03PM

I'm sorry this is happening, rufio sad smiley I agree with powerlifer that cutting back but not eliminating, as this may make you feel unconsciously "deprived," is the way to go. When I have craved huge amounts of starchy carbs and sugars, it was when I was limiting sweet fruit, so give that a ponder(I don't recall what you said your raw diet was like way back when).

I would add that, since you are conscious that you are doing something ultimately counterproductive to your health, and what foods are involved in that, but are not stopping yourself from doing this, your problem likely lies deeper than just food. Please take some time to consider other negative things going on in your life right now, and how this behavior may be a way of compensating. You must get to the root of these impulses and deal with that first. I wish you luck, and success in getting through this. And I apologize for sounding like a Freud wannabe smiling smiley

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Re: fallen off the deep end.... how to get back on track?
Posted by: Prism ()
Date: January 09, 2012 03:55PM

Fill up on some soluble fiber like the psyllium husk drinks. Research what psyllium husk can do for you besides make you feel fuller.


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Re: fallen off the deep end.... how to get back on track?
Posted by: phantom ()
Date: January 13, 2012 06:33AM

Raw desserts, while not optimal, are my life vest in those times of need.

The holidays are always an emotional time for me, they are for lots of people. Do you have any underlying impulses/emotions you're trying to numb, sate, or...? (I'm an over psychoanalyzer, the question is rhetorical.)

There are lots of raw desserts, as a matter of fact, that aren't terrible. Apple crumble, for example (chopped apples, crumbled pecans/whatever, and apple/lemon/cinnamon blended into a sauce).

I went from vegan to raw so fast that sometimes I wistfully see all the cooked vegan "goodies" that I never took the time to binge on. But I think about how my moods and skin used to be, my energy levels... Sometimes reminding myself of where I was before raw is another kick of motivation to keep me pushing forward.

Good luck and love! smiling smiley

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