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decreased heart rate on L-Theanine
Posted by: fruitylou ()
Date: February 26, 2013 02:21PM

I took some L-Theanine to help me cope with anxiety in social situations and I found that it decreased my heart rate which is not all that uncommon. My heart rate was normal to begin with though so is this a good thing? I wear a heart rate monitor when I work out and today I noticed it was harder to get into my aerobic zone of 135-145. I had to work extra harder. Thirty minutes after my workout my heart rate fell into the low 70's when usually it is in the 80's.

What I am wondering is if this is a good thing for someone with a normal heart rate? I understand if you are stressed your heart rate might be high and lowering it would be good, but mine is normal even with anxiety issues.

I do feel very calm though. I hadn't had success with l-theanine because I would take a capsule and then not feel anything. But yesterday I took one capsule in the morning and another one before bed and today I finally feel the calming effects.

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Re: decreased heart rate on L-Theanine
Posted by: Tamukha ()
Date: February 26, 2013 07:27PM

If you feel OK, it's OK. You should keep track of your responses over time in case there's an adverse effect, IMO.

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