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Hypothyroidism and Raw Vegan Diet?
Posted by: nurturingsoul ()
Date: September 01, 2014 04:28AM


I'm not going to get into every detail right now partly because there's too much to say and also because i can never think. I was wondering if it is save to go on a raw vegan diet all at once for 21 days. I am supposed to be going to a a raw foods retreat where they do juice fasting the first couple of days, then strictly raw-vegan, i don't believe we eat nuts though. Wheatgrass is also done as well as colonics, chiropractic adjustments, and massage. Is it damaging for some people to do this if they are extremely vitamin deficient or they aren't getting enough of the thyroid hormones they need? I understand this is for raw vegans, and even though i'm vegan, i don't eat much do to my depression which is also due to the hypothyroid. i finally got the results and i don't know if i should take the supplements that my homeopath wants me to when i meet with her, or if i should go to this retreat first. Please help. I'm really young with no help and there's an angel paying for this to happen. I feel like i'm wasting away and i almost feel like this is my last hope in the right direction. If raw food cures cancer i don't see why it wouldn't cure this.

I'm mainly afraid that because i don't eat properly (at all, like barely, some days a lot) that it could shock my system too much? And if i'm vitamin deficient and flushing out my system so quickly with colonics and raw foods, how will i restore the electrolytes?

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Re: Hypothyroidism and Raw Vegan Diet?
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: September 01, 2014 11:08AM

Hey nurturingsoul,

Yes, Raw Food & Juice Fasting is the way to go!

I have a really interesting file on the Thyroid Gland that is full of testimonials from people who have adopted a Raw Food Diet and the more Raw Food they eat the less meds they need and when they go back to Unnatural Food, the more meds they need. If you are interested, I'll be glad to email my file to you. By the way, radish juice is especially beneficial for those with either a hypo or hyper active thyroid and that info is also in my file.

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