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mercury removal and replacement
Posted by: sebanana ()
Date: March 28, 2015 05:53PM


I was wondering if some people that live on a raw vegan diet could report about the mercury removal.

I have read somewhere that komposiet wouldn't be ideal as an replacement, but could be used.

The problem with composiet and a raw vegan diet (or maybe also other diets) could be the following: allergies, intolerances, not being able for some periods to live only from a raw vegan diet, being unskilled and tendence to accidents.

Is it okay to let mercury remove and start diverting it from the body with chlorella and so forth and at the same time start a raw vegan diet, maybe also with a feasting period, or should mercury firs get diverted from your body before starting the raw vegan diet accompanied by a juice feasting for example?

Would be nice to hear some answers...

Do you know many people on a raw vegan diet having komposiet fillings and being helathy?


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Re: mercury removal and replacement
Posted by: SueZ ()
Date: March 29, 2015 02:10AM

Gold would probably be better than composite from the standpoint of chewing as composites are less textured and flatter. I have composites and get around that by using a blender or juicer for greens.

You want a very experienced alternative dentist for removing amalgam fillings. Someone who uses dams and O2 and removes them a quadrant at a time. It is far more toxic to breath Hg fumes than to ingest it by digestion as the fumes quickly pass through the blood brain barrier and there will be a LOT of Hg fumes released as the fillings are drilled to be removed.

Personally I would get the amalgams removed before going raw. Raw usually involves a lot of heavy duty chewing and the chewing releases small amounts of Hg vapors with each bite if the fillings are old and leaking Hg (which they all eventually do). If you are willing to blend and juice your greens (and acidic fruits) rather than chewing them you should be fine with starting a raw food diet at the same time as having the amalgams replaced, IMO, but take your experienced alternative dentist's advise.

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