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Let's talk about Cannabis. (Dietary, and medical.)
Posted by: Rawr ()
Date: June 06, 2015 09:20PM

Hi guys,

I'm a newbie here, have 'lurked' from time to time over the last 12 months every now and then and upon joining now and reading some threads once more am reminded of how interesting, 'lively', and passionate a place this is. (To put it slightly tactfully, haha. The most important thing is the thinking though.)

Anyway, I'm surprised to see no discussion of the natural health and medical freight train at this point in history, which is MEDICAL AND DIETARY CANNABIS.

Straight up, I will declare that (and my hunch is that a lot of you here, as fellow experienced natural health freaks, will appreciate this, if you happen to also know the following) - medical cannabis is not actually 'needed' (to put a cancer / tumor into remission) if you do OTHER things and ways to heal the body anyway - change your life HOLISTICALLY diet- and lifestyle-wise (and make sure to truly deal with things such as emotional stress) - because indeed, my gathering is that cancer is simply a NATURAL bodily response to (enough pent-up) chronic inflammatation in the body, and all you really have to do is to REMOVE those sources (or enough of it), to reduce it, or flat-out make it go away forever.

It's not some 'big monster' pathogen-like disease, as Big Pharma wants the dumb people to believe (so they can make their billions selling chemotherapy while killing people in the process) - no, cancer is a WAKE-UP CALL from the body, that you're not living right. Too bad there's no money in that narrative though. (the narrative that happens to be true.)

And I have 'kinda' experienced this idea myself (that you don't actually 'need' cannabis for ANYTHING big which it appears it can cure), and am certain of this from everything I have read and experienced myself in natural health.

But it still is a MIRACLE plant, which thanks to its cannabonioids that speak so powerfully to our own endocannabinoid system (and seemingly much more), which, even though it may be a way of 'cheating' (and certainly cheating Big Pharma of all their precious profits!), where a McDonald's eating slob can likely get their (well-earned) cancer stopped by a regime of simple cannabinoid medicine, so long as they keep on taking it (see this is Big Pharma's biggest nightmare - Cannabis appears to something that truly 'just works' on the same level as all their 'lazy easy way out' but billions-making drugs in general, but with NO problematic side effects whatsoever AND ANYONE can grow and make it thus taking the patent-controlled, centralized billions in profits RIGHT out of their hands) - even for for people like us, I can still see a myriad of uses for emergency things like treating anaphylactic shock, emergency pain relief and a whole host of similar uses (and indeed relatives who have serious conditions who we want to heal even though they won't change their lives as we know they should), that still can have a unique place among the ranks of a holistic, earth-respecting, pro-life, sustainable and cosmically-wise natural health philospohy.

I don't want to make this starter too post long (oh wait it already is long), mostly just to start it and see what you guys think, if you have done much reading, experiencing, and involvement in it yourself.

To me, dietary cannabis is AS interesting and useful as the fame-gathering medical (decarboxilated) extractions from the flowers (or leaves) of the plant that's making such waves.

Dietary in my opinion has huge potential and I'm not just talking the seeds ('Hemp seeds' - whose sprouts, I suspect may be one of the world's healthiest foods EVER and I am saying this after reading that phrase 200,000 times over the last 2 years, I don't often use a cliche like that) - no, I'm also talking about the RAW GREENS from the plant as you grow it.

I've both read about, grown, eaten and tried it myself. It's not only 'technically' edible (it's very furry but can have a pretty agreeable flavor and life in it when picked lush and big, or even small, any time in the entire pre-flowering vegetative stage of the plant, and works well with some oil to make it not dry out your mouth and get down that throat), but it appears to be a super-green that one day, may take the health world by storm (once it actually can be legally sold like watercress at your local Whole Foods, gee that's a pipedream but anyway). I read that it has something like 2-3 times the iron of PARSELY/SPINACH which is a big deal if you've searched for vegetable (non-grain) sources of iron before.

I found this data on its iron content in an obscure 1960's something scientific paper examining the Cannabis plant's leaves' general mineral content (and I bet the samples weren't even organically grown with rich soil and good biological feeding either, where it will always or often have higher counts!), but I seem to have not bookmarked it and it's out there in Googlespace, to find another time when I really want to source it again. It's a PDF IIRC, a regular-looking scientific paper from mid last C.

But in general, check out this as a primer on the whole idea of 'dietary cannabis' for BOTH general health, AND medical purpose, where it's not decarbed (so no psychotropic effect even if the plant has THC in it), and rather than taking a few weeks to rid a tumor it's more like a few months: []

As for medical in general, is your best friend, as are so many other sites as you may know. Sure, there's a lot of social politics involved with the plant (I suppose - stoners just wanting it to be legal so they stop getting harassed and I do observe that most of that camp doesn't know half a hoot about medical cannabis or the whole CBD/THC amazeballs that's coming to the fore now), but firstly - the recreation of smoking weed is harmless and no more harmless for people, society and the world than pornography, alcohol, cigarettes, and medical drugs, and secondly the plant TRUTHFULLY IS a miracle for not only food but also textiles, paper, plastics/composite materials, seemingly ethanol (AND diesel oil replacement), hempcrete and other astounding building materials, mass environmental repair (soil erosion, soil health, toxin sequestration - they are now cleaning up the radioactive gunk at CHERNOBYL with hemp can you believe it!!!), the list goes on and yes there's SOME 'hemp hype' here and there (humans always tend to hype and exaggerate when passionate, but look past those moments of little man desperation because the BIG truth is that all that I just said, IS true), only you will know when you actually look into it and start reading. In fact even better why don't you try GROWING the plant (like I have) because then you will see how it's SO giving in SO short an time-frame (botanically, and even two crops a year if the right climate) that you will truly see before your own eyes on your own property the reason why, as I see it, the suppression of the cannabis plant has to be the BIGGEST conspiracy in the 20th century of all.

Gee, that was a big paragraph. Sorry. tongue sticking out smiley to continue...

it's ONLY been propagadandized as a 'dangerous' and 'taboo', 'drug' (originally, racist flat-out lies, and hysteria when they originally banned it in 1937) - the thing's a PLANT for goodness' sake - because of its MASSIVE threat to the paper industry, the cotton industry, Big Oil, Big Pharma, and even Big everything else you can think of including possibly the CIA's dirty profits (especially to fund US invasion operations like Vietnam and Iraq, perhaps) only possible by 'cracking down' and then covertly participating as participants in the drug war the entire time, and you could even think of more reasons to persecute this AMAZING NATURAL PLANT which frankly wouldn't surprise me like darker agendas to in general prevent 'the people' from having such a plant which, if smoked, can open people's minds and let them THINK instead of blindly be stuffed up with Bread and Circuses (junk food, modern entertainment) which only make them FEEL at basic levels like animals and be so easily controlled by 'the system' - the list just goes on for how much this plant threatens the system.

And only really thanks to the Internet and the astounding ongoing medical discoveries about the plant, will it now finally have a chance to be in the hands of the people, once more.

I hope it will (help to) change the world.

Anyway, I got a bit off-topic there - this is supposed to be about dietary, health, and medical aspects of the plant. But hey maybe staff don't mind a general discussion to take place also, about its general suppression and ideological things (which are linked to us not even being able to widely eat sprouts from it, e.g. - I soon will be sprouting my first beautiful hemp seeds ever from my own harvest!)

And the last thing I'm about to say, may surprise you:

I have a great deal of experience with the plant as you can see, but I have never, and don't plan on any time soon, smoked cannabis. (nor tobacco, or anything else for that matter.) I will one day but that's another story! (really. another story. kind of a health-related one.) I've made CBD and THC-rich oil (CBD we're especially excited about, just read about about it) but I haven't even ingested any of our medical decarbed cannabinoids (yet).

Again, I don't even NEED this plant for my own natural health and healing, BUT, as a grower, eater of its dietary output, producer of its medicine, avid follower of its explosive medical research and and all-round proponent of the plant for everything it (as 'Hemp') can do in general, it's got a BIG place in my future for AL of those things, and very much so as a vegan. From its seeds to its greens (and/or microgreens anyway), I KNOW that one could, in a natural environment with plenty of good bacteria, sun, water, and well-built up soil, live WHOLLY in this SINGLE plant for both diet AND health and healing, alone. No decarbing even needed. Preventive is the best.

What say you?

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Re: Let's talk about Cannabis. (Dietary, and medical.)
Posted by: Tai ()
Date: June 23, 2015 01:27AM

I am a licensed herbalist and acupuncturist. I am in favor of using marijuana in a raw state for specific medical conditions, without the use of chemicals to extract it. William Courtney, MD, is doing amazing work on this topic, such as using fresh raw leaf juice for brain diseases. He claims that raw cannabis is not psychoactive. I would add that the low THC plants might not be psychoactive juiced, but the THC-rich plants still are to a degree in the raw state. Once you add heat and chemical extraction, it creates toxic residues, in my opinion. Also the side effects are not as severe in the raw state and the hot and dry nature is not as pronounced in the raw state, therefore the effect on the constitution is not as severe for longer term use for people with medical conditions that need it.

John Mini, Lac, below explains how imbalancing this herb can be, especially and mainly when it's used in a heated and extracted way. CBD oil is used to lower the need for heavy pain meds, but it has side effects (sedation). Marijuana helps with vomiting for chemo patients. There are short term good benefits for very sick patients, in which the side effects are negligible compared to the benefits. However, long term use creates constitutional problems, as explained by John Mini, below and on his website.

As William Courtney has explained, marijuana has been hybridized to increase the THC content, which is psychoactive. One very negative aspect of marijuana use is increased promiscuity, which leads to broken families. Because of this side effect, I am generally against marijuana, unless the need is very urgent, as in vomiting or severe pain.

Prepared correctly as an edible, the indicas can be used for insomnia, but the use should be very temporary as it stays in the system for 12 hours, and while it might provide needed sleep, no one wants to feel groggy for 12 hours, unless perhaps they have shingles.

Chinese herbs are very excellent for pain. CBD oil is just used to decrease dosage of heavy pain meds, but generally Chinese herbs can speed up healing of pain, so CBD use could be just very short term.


By John Mini, Lac
It’s All in the Name...

Why does marijuana have side effects? The whole story is contained in the Chinese name for marijuana.

Marijuana’s name in Chinese is Huo Ma, which means Fire Hemp. They call marijuana Huo Ma because of its fiery nature.

What’s a fiery nature? It means that if you take marijuana it can have the same effect on you as if you were exposed to fire. If you expose yourself a little bit, it will just warm you up. A little bit more, and you’ll start drying out. Even more, and you’ll begin burning, and so on.

Marijuana can starts a kind of a fire inside of you when you take it. This fire takes a definite progression through your body and mind if you expose yourself to it again and again. This is the progression described by the marijuana syndromes.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 06/23/2015 01:37AM by Tai.

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