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Major Questions about supplements
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: January 05, 2007 05:25PM

Hello guys, thanks for reading.

I've never been someone thats enjoyed taking nutrition supplements unless I know they have some great benefit, (Aloe Vera, Noni) or taste good, (Berry concentrates or liquid vitamins). From my experience with forcing myself to take supplements, I realized unless I can get past their taste, I just won't take them.

My neighbor introduced me to this supplement called Ageless Extra, and I'm addicted to it and plan to keep taking it. It tastes good making it something I enjoy taking. Nono Juice, when I did have a bottle of it, despite it's absolute nasty taste I continued to drink it. Same with Komchucha Tea and Aloe Vera.
I know if I bought the tablet form of green drinks I would take them, or if I bought a liquid vitamin supplement that tasted fine. But other wise if they just sit in the cupboard.

My biggest question is this,
Is it better to take the supplements in the way I'm comfortable with them, just to get them in, then to not take them at all?

Secondly, concerning multi vitamins, if in pill form or a fine-tasting liquid form, are the vitamins really any different? Can I still absord the vitamins from a liquid supplement like I can a pill?

I have a limited budget, and as much as I would like to buy the mega high quality, I can't afford too. Not that I'm in the poor house, but I can't afford to buy Garden of Life on a weekly occasion.

Ok Last questions. In regards to fruit juices, is it OK to buy the not sugar added 100$ juices like Pomagranete and blueberry? I know they aren't the best, but I wouldnt be using them as an alternative to the fresh fruits, but I meant when I can't afford or don't have access to them.

I tried to make a concoction yesterday, I made it down just fine, wouldnt want to do with every day though, can you guys tell me what you would think of it?

-Aloe Vera
-Green Drink Mix
-Orange Juice

Lastly, how important is to be organic? I know its muuuch better, but again with the money and the access, which I don't always have. I can eat inorganic berries quite often, but the organic ones are just hard to pass by. It's better to eat them inorganiclly then not at all right?

Re: Major Questions about supplements
Posted by: VeganLife ()
Date: January 14, 2007 05:30AM

Vegans should probably supplement with B12 and D. As for taking a multi,... if you feel better then take it, if you feel no change I would stop.

B12 should be methylcobalamin and not cyanocobalamin. Hydroxocobalamin is a denatured form of B12 which means that it is hard for the body to absorb. It does bond to cyanide however, turning it into cyanocobalamin. The body then flushes it.

Re: Major Questions about supplements
Posted by: Anonymous User ()
Date: January 21, 2007 02:27AM

I have been raw for five days. I have been eating fruit and drinking spring water with E-3 Live at breakfast time, green leafy salads with carrots and tomatoes, sage, basil and hemp seeds and hemp oil and apple cider vinegar at lunch and dinner sometimes with avocado. I am also eating almonds, sunflower seeds, raisins, dates and goji berries sparingly as snacks. I feel full but, I am having symptoms of muscle weakness and fatigue. I am familiar with cleansing but, these symptoms are extremely severe. Yesterday, I was afraid that I might pass out and took some supplements( B12, Cal/Mag and Iron). An hour after I took the supplements I felt well again! I had the same symptoms today so I cheated and ate some veggie curry with tofu and again I felt well again. I would like to continue with the raw diet. I am planning to try it out for 60 days, if I am able. I think I will try it with daily supplements. I am wondering if anyone has had a similar experience when starting a raw diet. Also, I am wondering if anyone else is supplementing their raw diet as I have been looking around on-line and can't find much about it. I am pale with red hair and have always had problems with anemia. I think I have the predisposition for low B12 absorption. I seem to do well on a vegetarian diet if I eat a lot of protein, soy etc... I really want the raw thing to work for me so if anyone has any information I would be very grateful if you could share this with me.
Thank you!

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Re: Major Questions about supplements
Posted by: jojiarun ()
Date: March 01, 2007 04:21PM

Oh my gosh!! Someone who has my exact symptoms!! Yes, I completely feel the way you described on I am on the verge of passing out. I think there are a few things to look into. One, I think that sometimes, our body is purging itself of all of the toxins that we put in it for so many years, and that can make us feel a little funny. Second, when first starting out, be gentle to your body in terms of working out, until you adjust. The first time I tried to go 100% Raw, I did a series of colonics, and continued right on with my vigorous workout regimen....and literally had to be helped out of the gym. Now, I have backed off the intense workouts and just jog lightly, even walk, or bike..depending on how I FEEL, until my body adjusts. You gave me a tip.....I think I need to supplement with the b12, too. I am going to look into that! One more thing, nuts and dried, sulfur free fruits, tend to help in a pinch. I noticed that when I am not able to eat as often as I would like to, popping in some nuts, seeds, fruit....can get me through those weak moments!! Good luck!

Re: Major Questions about supplements
Posted by: flex4life ()
Date: March 08, 2007 05:39AM

I feel light headed if I don't eat eggs. Sometimes peanut butter does the trick as well smiling smiley


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