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Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: July 25, 2017 11:38AM

(RCAP, 1996

Currently, Aboriginals have a health status that is well below the national
average, as John Rose Stated. But what John missed this has not always been so.

Their Socio-economical conditions are often cited as being similar to those of developing countrys. This was not always so. At the time of contact with Eropeons, Aboriginal people were in good health- a fact that is well documented in historical documents and through the findings of paleo-biolgy, efforts ( Royal Commision on Aboriginal Peoples, 1996). After the contact period, however many aboriginal people became ill and died from infectious diseases that were foreign to them, such as Influenza, Polio,measles, smallpox and diptheria (bid.). Skelital remains of unquestionably pre columbian date... are barring a few eceptions, remarkably free from disease. hole important scourges [affecting Europeans during the Colonial period] were wholly unknown... There was no plague, colera, typhus, smallpox or measels, cancer was rare, and even fractures were infrequent... There apparently,no nevi [skin tumors]. There were no troubles with feet, such as fallen arches. And later from judging from later acquired knowledge, there was a much greater scarcity then in the white population of...mental disorders, and of other serious conditions (RCAP, 1996) Various factors (health determinants) directly influence the health of a person or population, However, the disparities in health status of the aboriginal peoples can be linked or traced back to beginning of the Colonization period.

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Posted by: NuNativs ()
Date: July 29, 2017 05:50PM

John Roses' information is untrue. Go download the book "Primitive Man" at the link below and read about the health and longevity of primitive cultures across North & South America as told by the Euro settlers who witnessed them.The health & vigor described is far beyond modern day health gurus.

"Longevity among the Indians of the arctic regions rarely
exceeded sixty years. To the south, where the food supply was
more favorable, the average length of life was longer, many of
the Red Men living to over a hundred years. In the Gulf states,
particularly Florida, longevity reached its maximum, with early
Spanish accounts telling of Indian fathers in the latter state
seeing their fifth generation before passing away. De Ribault
from France in 1542 found that these Indians "live long and in
great health and strength, so the old men go without stays, and
are able to walk a run like the youngest. and are only known by
the wrinkles in the face, and decay of sight."

"Nieuroff visited Brazil in 1647 and pointed out: "The
Brazilians come soon to maturity and arrive to a great age, and
that without distempers; they also seldom become grey." Father
Bechamel saw them later in the century, commenting that "They
are tolerably endued with good sense, which they have the
opportunity to cultivate and refine by a long train of
experiences, with which the many years they live furnish them:
For they count a man dies young, if he does not live above 100

Primitive Man

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Posted by: riverhousebill ()
Date: July 30, 2017 11:52PM

Primitive Man and His Food

De Vries, Arnold

Original publication date: 1952
Original publisher: Chicago, probably self-published
Publication status: Out of print

Tracks down all the threads, re-asks all the questions, re-examines all existing literature (as of 1952) about why some places and peoples had superior health. An excellent job! Arnold DeVries was an American researcher, writer and hygienist, who in the 1950’s changed from being a fruitarian, as he had advocated in his first book, Fountain of Youth, 1946, to having a different understanding of optimum human nutrition, as expressed in (Primitive Man and His Food, 1952, Elixir of Life, 1952).

why John Rose distorts and smogs facts on other cultures superior health I dont know, but feel it may be a superior race complex.
or maybe just prefferd reading, No real research, just smoging other cultures

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