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Invisible Killers!!!
Posted by: John Rose ()
Date: March 29, 2018 05:34PM

Invisible Killers

20:37 Minute Video

Published on Mar 29, 2018
In this Video, John Rose takes a closer look at the Discovery Channel’s latest TV Show - Invisible Killers, which Premieres March 29 at 8 PM EST. Yes, the Discovery Channel / Mainstream Media is at it again Brainwashing the Masses to Believe in Absurdities so that we will Commit Atrocities and as a result, History Will Repeat Itself once again where Tens of Millions people will Die as we did last century due to our Ignorance as to the Cause and the Solution to Man’s Illnesses and Ill-Behaviors.

John explains that this Century’s Global Pandemic will be just like last Century’s Global Pandemic of 1918 and will be started by the Real Invisible Killers who were and are responsible for Injecting us with the Poison that actually Causes the so-called Pandemic and, of course, all of the Deaths that follow from the Killer Vaccine.

Yes, there are Invisible Killers, but the Real Invisible Killers are NOT the “Malevolent Little Beasties” as we’ve been told - they are the Men and Women who are Hiding Behind the Curtain doing the EVIL Work of the Psychopaths who Rule the World. These Evil Doers have Sold their Soul by Tricking us into thinking that Most of our Illnesses and Ill-Behaviors are Outside of our Control and that simply is NOT TRUE!!!

John wants everyone to take Responsibility for their own Health and it begins through Education - Not Medication. Poisons disguised as Medicines is a form of Black Magic and have been used ever since the Fall of Mankind to keep Mankind from Waking Up to the Reality that “We Are What We Eat” and if we don’t Wake Up to that Reality and Change our Diet, History Will Repeat Itself and we will continue to Suffer Needlessly.

In other words, we do NOT Catch a Cold or a Flu - WE EAT IT and if we ever figure out that WE EAT A COLD, then we’ll figure out that WE EAT MOST OF OUR ILLNESSES and the Powers that Be will no longer be able to Control us simply because we are no longer Sick, Dis-Connected and Out of Control.

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